Medical Spa Website & SEO Case Study

Medical Spa Company SEO Case Study In FL
Brittany Rohr
Brittany Rohr

Founder and CEO

Client’s Challenges:

They had a site from a previous marketing company and we were performing social media marketing and SEO to drive traffic to their website, but they were having few conversions no matter how much traffic we created. This told us that it was a website issue and that we needed to improve the client experience and adjust the strategy on the channels they were marketing on.

Client’s Goal:

Their goals have always been to support the natural or holistic options for patients to avoid surgery for medical and aesthetic complaints through their physical space and utilize a strong website to help the new clients find the right service for them and learn about all their different options. Of course, that would drive appointments with their practitioners.

Our Actions:

Our team then did research on the competition, their current SEO, ideal consumer, and current website platform to determine the best plan to create a full immersive user experience no matter how they found the company.

We started by creating a double funnel by creating a page for each treatment option as well as each of the symptoms/ailment the client may experience that would lead them to those treatments. The layout entailed each symptom/ailment to appear on every treatment page so if someone found the page for 1 thing, they could see all the treatment options and learn more about which one they preferred, and then we did the same thing in reverse by adding the correct symptom/ailments to appear on the corresponding treatment solution pages, so they could see the range of conditions and be educated at their leisure.

We adjusted the social content to mirror the website design to create a seamless transition and keep the brand messaging consistent. The ad and boost strategy also got an overhaul as we had to A|B test for engagement and driving traffic.

Working with daily updates on Google My Business by creating new posts, offers, reviews and working with the algorithm changes to increase impressions.

Then we created a new SEO plan that also would drive traffic through both sides of the funnel and out rank their local competitors.

The Effects:

  • This increased their SEO by adding additional keywords and therefore increasing exposure and traffic by over 35%.
  • In addition, the visitors, pages viewed, time on the site, and bounce rate improved dramatically!
  • After implementing the new website, daily updates, and initial SEO, we watched and made adjustments to optimize the site for continued increased traffic statistics.

Suggested Additional Services to Continue Driving Targeted Traffic:

Social Media Marketing:

Adding additional ad budget would allow us to expand on the progress already made and get even more specific with the conversion ratio on their site for each service offered.

Strategic Content Creation:

Adding new content on websites always helps increase results as it educates and can add even more SEO opprotunities. This builds more trust with the potential patients as they will spend more time reading about the different solutions and how it all works to make them feel better.

Medical Spa Company SEO Case Study In FL Update

Why Choose Rohring Results?

Immersive marketing is more costly in the beginning but will pay off over time. The user experience has never been more important and your brand messaging needs to be strategic to get traction. This means all of your marketing channels need to have INTENTION and not just point to each other. Rohring Results builds a customer journey that uses psychology and software to continue with optimizing for conversions. There are many ways to automate and create processes so the journey is consistent and positive. We can help you to develop the ideal experience that will drive traffic and sales for your business and only increase over time!

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