10 Major Social Media themes to watch for in 2023

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Several exciting developments are happening in the world of social media that are worth keeping an eye on. These include the rise of audio-based social media platforms, the growth of video content, the increasing use of social media for e-commerce, the growing importance of social media influencers, and the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to personalize the user experience. In addition to these trends, it is also important to pay attention to issues of social media privacy and security, the role of social media in political organizing and activism, the impact of social media on the job market, the spread of misinformation and fake news, and the impact of social media on mental health and well-being. Each of these themes has the potential to significantly shape the way that we use and experience social media.

Audio-based social media platforms:

The rise of audio-based social media platforms like Clubhouse has been a significant development in the world of social media. These platforms allow users to have real-time conversations with one another, using audio rather than text or video. This can be a more immersive and engaging experience than reading a text-based social media feed, and it allows users to have more in-depth discussions with one another. Some people have also found that audio-based social media platforms are more accessible than video platforms, as they do not require users to be in front of a camera.

One potential downside to audio-based social media is that it can be more difficult to fact-check the information that is being shared. While written content can be easily fact-checked by looking up sources, it is more difficult to do so with audio conversations. This can make it easier for misinformation to spread on these platforms.

Overall, audio-based social media platforms have the potential to bring people together in new and interesting ways, but it is important for users to be mindful of the potential risks and to be critical of the information that they encounter on these platforms.

Video content:

The growth of video content on social media, including short-form video platforms like TikTok and live streaming on platforms like Facebook Live, has had a significant impact on the way that people use social media. Video content can be more engaging and immersive than text or static images, and it allows users to get a better sense of the personality and character of the person creating the content.

One potential downside to the proliferation of video content is that it can be more time-consuming to consume than other forms of social media content. It can also be more difficult for users with disabilities that make it hard to watch video to fully participate in these platforms.

Overall, the growth of video content on social media has had a major impact on the way that people use and interact with these platforms, and it is likely to continue to be an important trend in the future.


The increasing use of social media for e-commerce has made it easier for brands to sell products directly to consumers through these platforms. Shoppable posts and integrated payment systems make it easy for users to purchase products without leaving the social media app. This has the potential to make the shopping experience more convenient for consumers, as they can browse and purchase products without having to visit multiple websites.

However, integrating e-commerce into social media has also raised concerns about data privacy. Brands that sell products through social media have access to a wealth of information about their customers, including their purchasing habits and personal details. It is important for users to be aware of the privacy policies of the social media platforms and e-commerce companies that they are interacting with and to take steps to protect their personal information.

Social media influencers:

The growing importance of social media influencers has significantly impacted how brands promote their products and services. Influencers are individuals who have a large social media following and can influence their followers’ purchasing decisions. Brands will often pay influencers to promote their products through sponsored posts or by giving them free products in exchange for reviews.

While influencer marketing can be an effective way for brands to reach a targeted audience, it can also be misleading. Some influencers may be paid to promote products that they do not actually use or believe in, which can lead to false or misleading endorsements. It is important for users to be aware of this and to critically evaluate the content that they see from influencers.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning:

The use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to personalize the social media experience for users has significantly impacted how people use these platforms. AI and machine learning algorithms can be used to suggest content that a user is likely to be interested in, based on their past behavior and interests. This can make the social media experience more personalized and relevant for users, but it can also raise concerns about the extent to which algorithms are shaping our online experiences.

There are also concerns about the potential for bias in AI and machine learning algorithms, as they are only as good as the data that they are trained on. If the data used to train the algorithms is biased, then the algorithms themselves may also be biased. This can have serious consequences, as algorithms are increasingly being used to make important decisions, such as which ads to show to which users or which job candidates to consider for a position.

Overall, the use of AI and machine learning in social media has the potential to enhance the user experience. Still, it is important for users to be aware of the potential risks and to be mindful of how algorithms may influence their online experiences.

Social media privacy and security:

As social media has become an increasingly important part of people’s daily lives, concerns about data privacy and security have grown. Social media companies hold a wealth of personal information about their users, including their location, browsing history, and personal details. There have been several high-profile instances of data breaches and other security issues on social media platforms, which has led to increased scrutiny of the ways in which these companies handle user data.

In response to these concerns, social media companies have been working to improve the security of their platforms and protect user data. This includes the use of end-to-end encryption for messaging, as well as other measures to secure user communications. It is important for users to be aware of the privacy policies of the social media platforms that they use and to take steps to protect their personal information, such as using strong passwords and enabling two-factor authentication.

Social media and activism:

Social media has played a significant role in facilitating social and political change, with platforms like Twitter and Facebook being used to mobilize support for various causes. Activists and political organizers have been able to use social media to raise awareness about their issues and to mobilize large numbers of people to take action.

However, social media can also be a breeding ground for misinformation and fake news, which can have serious consequences for social and political movements. It is important for activists and organizers to be mindful of this and to fact-check the information that they share before posting it.

Social media and the job market:

Social media platforms like LinkedIn have become an increasingly important tool for job seekers and professionals. LinkedIn allows users to connect with potential employers and to search for job opportunities. It also allows users to build a professional online presence and to showcase their skills and experience to potential employers.

However, the use of social media in the job market has also raised concerns about privacy and discrimination. Some employers may use a candidate’s social media presence to make hiring decisions, which can lead to discrimination against certain groups of people. It is important for job seekers to be mindful of this and to carefully curate their online presence to present themselves in the best light.

Misinformation and fake news:

Social media has been criticized for its role in the spread of misinformation and fake news, which can have serious consequences. Misinformation can cause harm by spreading false or misleading information, which can lead to people making poor decisions based on that information. It can also contribute to the polarization of society and the erosion of trust in institutions.

To combat this problem, social media companies have implemented various measures, such as fact-checking and algorithms to identify and remove false content. However, these efforts have been criticized for not being effective enough, and more work needs to be done to address this issue.

Social media and mental health:

There is growing concern about the impact of social media on mental health and well-being. Some research has suggested that heavy use of social media can lead to increased feelings of anxiety and depression, as well as other negative mental health outcomes.

To address this issue, social media companies have developed various tools and resources to help users manage their online experiences in a healthy way. This includes features like the ability to mute or block other users, as well as tools to help users track and limit their social media use. It is important for users to be aware of these resources and to use them if they feel like their social media use is having a negative impact on their mental health.

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