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Rohring Results has a team of over 40 employees and is growing! Our diverse team includes many talented programmers (Full stack), web designers, on-page and off-page SEO teams, content writers, ad buying and re-marketing strategists, graphic designers, and a social media team. We hold our employees in high regard as our company prides itself on exceeding our client’s expectations and operating with high integrity.


Brittany Rohr

Brittany Rohr, Founder of Rohring Results, is a visionary business catalyst who was born and raised in the Sarasota and Bradenton area. Moving to Las Vegas for her dream as a performer for Cirque Du Soleil in 2012 was a turning point for her. She loved challenging herself physically and pushing the limits in the air.

Las Vegas is a city with an influx of technology and is filled with business owners from all over the world who are ready to make things happen! This is when she discovered her knack for business consulting, developing marketing strategies, and creating systems for owners to be able to scale their businesses.

She earned her “tiger stripes” working with startups, small business owners, and other larger technology-based companies managing logistics, IT, marketing, sales, and business development. After a few more years, she focused on building the Las Vegas small business community by connecting them to each other and building the largest mastermind on the west coast in only a few months, where 40-60 entrepreneurs would meet every Saturday for 3+ hours solving challenges.

After moving back to Florida in 2018, she began growing her team of experts in each area of digital marketing. This has been vital to her success in turning the consulting plan into Rohring Results! She and her team have now consulted or integrated their marketing efforts for well over 450 businesses in industries ranging from blogging sites, retail, medical, legal, home services to e-commerce, smart city technologies, and real estate.

Her clients describe her talent as “adding rocket fuel” to their business model by showing them a bigger idea and exploding their revenue! She also helps businesses find the best business model and marketing strategy to be more efficient with their budgets. Her whiteboard sessions have been described as “brilliant” and “essential to the journey of a new business’s success.” Brittany has an extraordinary ability to scale businesses into major brands and accelerate their growth sustainably and predictably.

What sets Brittany apart in her field is the rare combination of a strategic, analytical, yet creative mindset balanced with her genuine love for helping people build a business for true freedom. Not only does she understand so many of the leading-edge technology options and platforms for doing business in today’s world, but she is also fluid in the art of collaboration and marketing channels!

Brittany gives back by donating 8 websites annually to nonprofits and founding KindIAm, a new nonprofit designed to re-unite the world with acts of kindness paid forward and use the funding raised to rebuild the foster system. This will be launching nationally in 2023, so stay tuned!

She also has begun practicing acrobatics again with a few new acrobats in a group called Encore Cirque and often performs for nonprofits or galas in our local community. Her specialty is aerial and partner acrobatics, where she does dynamic adagio sequences and hand balancing with 1 or more other people.

Owner Brittany Rohr Bradenton Social Media Management Services 5
Owner Brittany Rohr Bradenton Social Media Management Services 5

Craig Wallace

Marketing Consultant & CMO

Craig Wallace is a seasoned digital marketing professional, renowned for building successful businesses and achieving significant results. During his college years, he honed business models and made his mark in pitch competitions, leading him to establish his own digital marketing agency. Over the span of three years, Craig created viral online communities across platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. He also worked closely with influencers on monetization strategies and masterminded campaigns that heightened leads and optimized traffic for a variety of companies.

Subsequently, Craig became an integral part of The Long Walk Home, a Veterans non-profit in Venice, FL, significantly expanding their reach on both local and national scales. Thanks to his efforts, the organization amassed nearly half a million dollars in donations, grew their staff from one to five full-time members, and crafted a scalable platform to serve thousands of Veterans across the nation.

Currently serving as the CMO of Rohring Results, Craig helms a team dedicated to providing comprehensive marketing solutions—from SEO and web design to social media marketing and ad management.

Beyond his primary role, Craig conducts marketing workshops and is deeply involved with Rotary Clubs, further showcasing his commitment to both professional growth and community engagement. His areas of expertise encompass digital marketing, content marketing, B2B, strategic planning, brand management, customer acquisition, retention, and a wide array of online advertising techniques, including SEO, PPC, and social media. He’s also adept in both micro and macro online community development.

Expertise: Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, B2B, Strategic Planning, Brand Management, CRM: Customer Acquisition and Retention, Online Advertising: SEO, PPC, Social Media, Web Design, & Community Development.

Dream Web Dev Team

Our Website Designers use case studies, analytics software, experience, and conversion psychology to create a winning strategy for our client’s website design. This results in lower bounce rates, better engagement percentages, and in the end, a much better user experience. When visitors are on the websites longer, they have more “invested” in your company, and positions you as the authority where they go to research and due diligence. This also leads to sales since they already have an initial trusting relationship with you. Our sites are animated and engaging and feel more like a discovery than a flat brochure that you really just need to go through to find a quick answer.

Our Full Stack Developers collaborate with the designers to assure all the functionalities of the site not only work well but look great too. They build custom code projects, apps, web integrations, and WordPress-based business models to bring your vision to life.

Search Engine Optimization Experts

No one can actually be good at EVERYTHING SEO, so we have built up an amazing team of people who each specialize in their piece. We have an Account Manager who oversees the projects and strategy. They focus on analytics, competitive research, keyword research, on-page optimizations, and other items that involve both software and experience to ensure we are always analyzing your site and how we can improve it. The Off-page team spends time researching and creating backlinks and citations to focus on your domain authority, boosting certain keywords and driving additional traffic. Content writing is extremely important in SEO, so our talented writers develop blogs, backlink content, and website content that is written both for SEO and the user experience. Technicals are a more complicated fix and take on-going attention as well. This is what keeps your site fast and Google happy. You may think your site is good, but Google sees it differently, and our team keeps sites fast and in great health! Finally, our Google Business Profile experts are constantly making adjustments and integrating our strategies to boost your map rankings. It’s a complicated process, but we always do more than the typical SEO team to continue increasing our client’s rankings.

Graphic Design Artists

Our graphic designers have many roles when it comes to social media. They create tailored content to post on our client’s pages, custom graphics and videos for ad campaigns, and branding materials such as logos, Fliers, Cover Photos, and much more to support all the services our social department offers. They utilize consumer phycology combined with unique and appealing visuals to drive interest tailored to our client’s campaign goals. They are also the backbone behind our Simplified Social Program, which offers 165 new custom graphics per industry per month. With a great system combined with leadership, the output from our graphics team always exceeds industry standards.

Social media Squad

Our Social Media Team comprises experts in content creation, Ad Management, Manual Engagement, Influencer Marketing, and many other facets covering the dominating social media platforms. We have Ads managers that follow our top to bottom-funnel system for driving and nurturing leads for conversion, they work with our strategist and graphics team to accomplish the campaign goals. Our Manual Engagement manager focuses on organic growth to drive qualified traffic through our guerrilla marketing approach. In addition, we have our admin team that supports each service within the department to ensure the deliverables are being met and our clients are happy with the results.

Ads & Retargeting Specialists

Our Media Buying Department offers full-scope solutions for lead generation and customizes each campaign based on the client’s goals. Our value-driven campaigns such as giveaways, contests, and promotions render on average a 50% conversion and drive a high volume of leads (Local & National) that we enter right into a nurturing campaign to convert the sale at the bottom of the funnel. We also offer brand awareness and viral growth campaigns with our highest post reaching over 25 million people organically (Unpaid). Since every business and industry is different, our phase 1 goal for every client is to find a converting ad format that we can use as a template for phase 2, where we scale the ads based on our client’s pipeline capacity and budget.

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Kerri Leete

Customer Experience Manager

Kerri Leete is our Customer Experience Manager here at Rohring Results. Kerri has over 20+ years of experience in customer service and over 10 years of experience in management, bookkeeping, and community outreach. In addition, she has training in social media and email-generated marketing campaigns and networking. She has worked with large corporations such as Outback Steakhouse (10 years) and Home Depot (3 years) as well as Franchises and small businesses such as Anytime Fitness (4 years), Philip Pelusi Hair Salon (5 years), and local yoga studios and institutes. She has a passion for Art and Studied 4 years of Studio art with a concentration in Oil Painting and Metal Sculpture. 

After serving 5 years of Retail and Operations Management at Philip Pelusi Hair Salon, Kerri Moved to Bradenton FL in 2009. At that time she was working in a leadership position with Outback Steakhouse as well as becoming a certified cosmetologist and a certified yoga instructor and Reiki Master. Having taught and experienced many types of yoga, she currently specializes in Yin, Aerial, and Slow Flow. For 6 years she worked in the salon industry and perfected her craft. She continues her yoga instruction, practice, and education to this day and adds to her certification credentials in this field yearly. 

Kerri is a natural fit in the marketing world as she hones a  vast experience in a wide variety of industries and holds a passion for fast-paced, creative, competitive environments. She directly aligns with the Rohring Results mission and values and is a trustworthy and dedicated component. In addition, she ensures the value of superior customer satisfaction and secures a high rate of client retention. Her creative passion and drive to consistently expand her knowledge base renders her an excellent ensemble for the team.

Join Our Team

Rohring Results is always looking for talented, amazing people looking for a career in digital marketing. We are growing rapidly and can onboard and train you even if you are inexperienced, as long as you have a strong, proactive work ethic and a positive mindset. We look at problems as challenges, and we LOVE finding solutions to our challenges! Our benefits are extensive and typically based on time employed and skill level. There is a profit-sharing option and other incentives for both our team members and partnerships to make us one of the best places to work for and with. These are the reasons that we have great retention for our clients, team members, and partners!

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