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Brittany Rohr

Founder and CEO

Client’s Challenges:

The client’s main challenge was getting the right target audience. The initial measure implemented was not categorically established hence the confusion as to who to attract and which group they should belong to.

Client’s Goal:

Their goal was to increase sign ups on their website and establish an audience to build their brand.

Our Actions:

For their social ads, we divided the target audience into (3) three groups to make each ad more focused on each category. To get better results, we targeted the audience by Job Titles rather than by “Interests”. 

In order to achieve the client’s goal, we ensure first that the ads are showing to the right target audience. By doing this, we can guarantee the ads stand out and reach a specific field niche field. Creating a relevant CTA or Call-to-action with one straightforward purpose – more sign-ups. 

We conducted A|B testing for the audiences and balanced them to increase the ad reach. The ads team regularly checks if new types of audiences are added to the list on Facebook for us to add them as part of the targeted audience. 

We focused on a particular audience for the ad to reach the right people who will most likely click the ad and convert.


Target Audience Group 1:

Total Ad Spend: $45.60

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  • Total Ad Spend: $45.60
  • Ad Reach: 1,356
  • Ad Impressions: 1,637
  • Overall Link Clicks from these group: 78 
  • People Taken Action/ Engagement: 828
  • Video Views: 1,472

Target Audience Group 2:

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  • Total Ad Spend: $44.87
  • Ad Reach: 1,054
  • Ad Impressions: 1,493
  • Overall Link Clicks from these group: 63
  • People Taken Action/ Engagement: 660
  • Video Views: 1,298

Target Audience Group 3:

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  • Total Ad Spend: $43.31
  • Ad Reach: 769
  • Ad Impressions: 1,447
  • Total Link Clicks: 62
  • People Taken Action/ Engagement: 515
  • Video Views: 1,291

Overall Results

  • Total Ad Spend: $133.78
  • Ad Reach: 3,179
  • Total Ad Impressions: 4577
  • Total Link Clicks: 197
  • Video Ad Plays: 4,061
  • People Taken Action/ Overall Engagement: 2003

Why Choose Rohring Results?

Growing a new business is hard, especially a directory! Basically, you have to grow 2 audiences at the same time with each depending on the other for value. This involves a full marketing plan, multiple channels and a fantastic user experience to make it a success! We have a history of helping many startups with this same delima work though the challenges with solutions through our consulting program. It is a collaborative effort and does require time from the founder so we can help set up your business processes, marketing plan and user experience to have the conversion needed to pull it off 🙂

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