Our Story

Wholesome values and future forward dreams.


Our Mission

“To accelerate the growth of integrity-based businesses.”

Our Vision

“To lead the marketing industry with new ideas, opportunities and innovation so we can provide business owners both affordable and effective solutions to grow their business and create a bigger positive impact on the world.”

Where We Started

Brittany Rohr, Founder of Rohring Results, is a visionary business catalyst who was born and raised in the Sarasota/Bradenton area. Moving to Las Vegas for Cirque Du Soleil was a turning point for her. Which brought her into a city with an influx of technology, and filled with business owners from all over the country! This is when she discovered her knack for consulting, marketing, and creating systems for owners to be able to scale their businesses. She earned her tiger stripes working with startups and other larger technology-based companies managing logistics, IT, marketing, sales, and business development. After a few more years, she turned her focus on building the Las Vegas small business community by creating and running the largest mastermind in the State of Nevada, working with Incubator programs like StartupNV, and speaking at the Women’s Business Center to inspire and help hundreds of entrepreneurs find their passion.

In 2018 Brittany moved back to her hometown and started Rohring Results. She wanted to create a truly full, service, value-driven, and affordable Marketing Agency with a backbone of growth consulting and specialized divisions for each area of digital marketing that would implement the ideas for the business owner so they could focus on running the business.

Her background is in scaling revenues with strategic planning, optimizing the value proposition, building systems for consistency and quality assurance, and using technology to fill the gaps or explode growth. She has worked in many industries, from technology applications like smart cities, home services, app development, products, and services of all kinds, even in the medical field.

In the last few years, building our own custom software for internal management, workflow automation, standard operating procedures for each position, and a client communication portal where we have over 40 team members working full time servicing clients all over the United States. Our ongoing research and always testing new ideas have allowed us to create new case studies and offer new opportunities to our clients, so they are always leading and not following their competition.

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Where We Are Now

Rohring Results has a Social Media, SEO, and Website department with Business Consultants overseeing all the projects to ensure they are getting results. Our systems include a client collaboration portal called “Your Digital Media Hub,” and this allows clients to be as involved or hands-off as they want. Every client has direct access to the team that is running their campaigns and website so they can get answers fast.

Another thing that sets Rohring Results apart from other Marketing Companies is our dedication to giving back to our local and international communities. We are always overstaffed in our Website Department, which allows us to have extremely fast turn-around times for clients, but in the downtime that is created from having more team members than necessary, we build out sites for nonprofits for free. Our average is 8 donated websites every year.

Craig Wallace joined Rohring Results in early 2022 and has transformed our lead generation and viral social media programs. Read more about Craig and his background here.

Where We are Going

Our vision is to lead the Marketing Industry by innovating new strategies and programs for the platforms and channels where our clients’ potential customers are and challenge other agencies to improve their services to provide more value. We do this by testing new theories, creating case studies for new packages, and allowing other marketing companies to partner with us in a white-label agreement so they can re-sell our services to their clients. Everyone wins.

By building out our own custom-coded platforms, we are creating a hub for innovation in marketing opportunities and collaboration. Systems, API’s, workflows, and people are the foundation behind our ability to scale and ensure our packages stay both affordable and effective. This allows us to keep our prices lower than average so the other marketing agencies who are white-label partners can raise the rates and build in their own profit margin.

Joining Rotary International has been a big part of our “Give Back Initiative”. Their 4-way test is how we run our business and lead our everyday lives, so it made so much sense to join and become part of the leadership of our own local Sarasota Club, other area clubs, the Rotary Means Business Program, and District 6960. Our leadership participates in the International Convention every year, our team builds out programs and technology for Rotary Clubs across the US, and Brittany Rohr was sent as an Emerging Leader to represent the district at the Zone summit to be an innovator for the future of Rotary.

Giving Back

Rohring Results has an all-encompassing mission to reduce suffering on a global scale, from human trafficking and slavery to Veterans’ suicide awareness, we support missions that align with our values. Every year, we donate 8 websites to hand-picked non-profits and offer services at reduced rates (or no cost) to help excel and increase their outputs in the community.

KindIam is a new nonprofit organization founded by Brittany Rohr with the mission to reunite the world with acts of kindness paid forward. Every act has a butterfly effect that will be tracked on an app, showing the true impact of that one act of kindness. The funding produced will go to rebuilding the foster system in America, and Brittany’s focus is to give children a voice and a platform to be heard so they can succeed in life.

We are involved with the Sunrise Sarasota Rotary Club and assist many other Rotary clubs in the area with marketing and technology and either donate or perform the services at cost. The Rohring Results team is also involved on the district level, supporting projects such as Hurricane Ian Relief organization and efforts, local events, and fundraisers.

There are always more ways to give back, and we are open to supporting new ideas and creating a bigger impact on the local, national, and global scale. Thank you for reading. If you are here, then you clearly care about businesses operating with integrity and making a difference in the world. 🙂

Partner With Us

We wanted to create a solution for other marketing agencies to be able to provide all digital marketing services to create better outcomes for small businesses, so we built out a white-labeling program called Start Selling Marketing! 

Partner with us and gain access to a Client Collaboration Portal for you and your clients, a full range of affordable services, and unlimited support from our staff to give you everything you need to grow. We have programs that have zero startup costs. Give us a call, and we can have a chat.

Rohring Results
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