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The right SEO agency will develop a plan that has the flexibility to adjust to the market and competition. Just like the ebb and flow of the economy and trends... things change, and your SEO should be ready to as well!

Brittany Rohr

Founder of Rohring Results

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For Local SEO Services

Rohring Results is the best local SEO company for small business because our team of experts utilizes multiple channels to get you the most exposure, do ongoing analytics to track and test and keep you competitive in your industry, and educate you on what our strategy is so you are knowledgable about your own business’s results.

Local SEO Services consists of:

  • Google Maps Optimization so you can be found quickly on searches in the top 3 on Maps.
  • Make your business voice search ready and synchronized with Amazon Alexa, Siri, Bing, and Google.
  • Quickly fix your business listings on all the major platforms (up to 89) so it is consistent everywhere (also boosts your SEO).
  • Track your local rankings and reviews to manage your reputation and keep your social proof high.
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Increased Traffic

Using our local SEO service packages, listing management, and other algorithm strategies, we will increase your visibility across the web.

More Leads

Our targeting is specific to your ideal customers' demographics, interests, and what you are selling. We also use re-targeting pixels!

Brand Awareness

People seeing your business online more often and with the right messaging will build your brand and your conversion rate- increasing revenue 🙂

Trust and Authority

When you reach the top of the search results, potential customers will see you as the industry authority.

Predictable Growth

Testing, analyzing, adjusting, and optimizing your marketing will allow you to predict your lead generation.

Short & Long-Term

With a parallel strategy we can build quick results and long term solutions to getting you seen online!

How Does Social Media Affect SEO?

When done correctly, Social Media Marketing drives traffic to specific pages on the website which helps increase SEO. People are going there warmed up for the content that you are providing and that keeps them on the page longer, increases traffic from other sources, builds your brand’s authority and begins the trust building phase.

Utilizing a multi-channel marketing strategy, blogs or PR articles with an SEO strategy are also extremely effective in building quality backlinks which also develops your SEO and online presence.

There are so many things that affect SEO. That being said, there isn't 1 perfect solution for everyone. We customize your search engine optimization strategy with a team of trusted experts to match your growth needs.

Search Engine Optimization Entails...


Getting your business listed in the top 3 for Google Maps when your keywords are searched. This is growing in popularity for how consumers choose.


Get backed by the largest search engine! We help you jump above the organic, maps, and paid ads! Only available for specific industries- Ask us for more info!

Website submissions to over 25 US – based search engines, including all major engines and numerous tier – 2 search engines.

Addition of schema.org structured data markup in Google-recommended JSON-LD format for compatible website CMS’.

Construction of XML sitemaps to invite thorough search engine BOT crawling and to identify website crawling issues. Sitemaps are then posted to, and crawled by all major search engines.

Identify the most relevant and popular keyword phrases most likely to generate sales.

Archival of web pages targeted for optimization before and after the initial SEO work in implemented. This provides a before – and – after snapshot of each web page addressed by the SEO campaign.

Optimization of the visible readable content on your website, with consideration of your target keywords. Up to 15 web pages.

Analyzation of the overall SEO health. Includes reviewing the quality of inbound links, volume of links, content crawling, content, robots.txt, duplicate content issues and other factors that could impact the performance of the SEO campaign.

Link building and profile submissions through business directory listings. Includes major business listing portals like manta.com and Merchant Circle.

Link building and profile submissions through voice search technology like Apple’s Siri, Windows Phones and Android Devices so you can be found via the new growing voice trend.

The creation of new content and/or new web pages to target critical search phrases that the website does not support prior to the launch of the SEO campaign.

If needed, performance recommendations (non–formal) to assist with conversion improvements, site infrastructure or other issues that could improve results.

Evaluation of website traffic statistics to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the website and to provide feedback concerning the performance of the SEO campaign.

As a reputable SEO Agency, we educate our clients throughout the process. Here are some questions and things you should know before you get started and as you begin your journey.

Search engine optimization is the process of creating a website that looks good in the eyes of the search engine algorithm. You can also optimize for the algorithms of other platforms and social media sites, but search engines tend to be the platforms that provide the broadest scope of exposure. 

A great optimization campaign requires that the individual understands the search engine algorithm deeply and takes the necessary steps to manage their sites in ways that match up with search engine best practices. In most cases, this means following Google’s algorithm. 

There are some merits to working to optimize for other search engines, but most users make searches on Google, so that’s where businesses should be directing their efforts. That being said, Rohring Results does typically focus on Google as a primary goal, and will make the other search platforms and engines secondary.

It would be impossible to hire enough employees to peruse the internet full-time and document all of the new information that comes up. Each time a site updates or a new page pops up it’s important that those pages are documented, so Google uses artificial intelligence called “crawlers” or “bots.”

You can think of these things as little spiders, robots, ghosts, or whatever you like. Think of them as little vacuums that sweep around the internet and travel through links, taking in all of the information that’s relevant to user searches. In reality, bots aren’t entities or anything like it. 

They’re just forms of artificial intelligence that Google employees to travel through the internet and gather this information. They do, however, find their way through the web by traveling from link-to-link. 

Crawlers document the text, link quality, page speed, and a whole lot more that we’ll cover. There are somewhere around 200 factors that get examined and documented in the archive. Those factors are what the algorithm uses to determine which pages are relevant to keyword searches and which are not. 

Industries We've Worked With...

What Business Are Saying About Their Rohring Results

Rohring Results
Based on 15 reviews
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15:39 05 May 21
Their service is great and they respond to changes right away. We love the design work they did for us. I would recommend Rohring Results to anyone needing a web presence. – Tim Cossey Vice President Phoenix Loan Solutions Inc.read more
Nathan Apkon
Nathan Apkon
17:29 30 Apr 21
Very creative and responsive. Easy to work with.
Kevin&Melissa McLin
Kevin&Melissa McLin
13:46 25 Mar 21
Brittany and her team helped build my website for my business. They were quick with changes and it’s a beautiful website. Thank youread more
Jamie Black
Jamie Black
14:57 24 Mar 21
WOW!!! Brittany really knows her stuff! Great advice and her attention to detail is amazing!
Jake Bushur
Jake Bushur
20:32 17 Mar 21
Brittany gave me some great insight on how to scale my business. She was very helpful and wasn’t trying to push any sort of sale at all. She just gave tips on what would be best for my business.read more
Michele Tanner
Michele Tanner
22:06 02 Mar 21
Great ideas for marketing Solitions for all of your business needs! Excellent company!
Frank Galdieri
Frank Galdieri
19:25 08 Jan 21
Brittany is so amazing! An expert in marketing and social media. Gave me more value in a short call than months in working with others. If you want to grow your business call Brittany!read more
Bill Lundgren
Bill Lundgren
19:56 11 Nov 20
Brittany Rohr and her team recently completed a new WordPress website for our small non-profit, Life Realized, Inc. (https://liferealized.org).While I have personal experience building and maintaining html/css code-based websites, Brittany provided enormously helpful advice on the “new tech” (for me) of WordPress and allayed my concerns about maintaining the new, more complex, website once completed. Her marketing insights made the new site significantly better than it would have been otherwise.As for her design, all we can say is FANTASTIC. We, and those we serve in our Community who have seen it, are so pleased with the design and significant improvement in functionality over our old site. The new site does everything we want it to do, and has proven to be easy to revise as our needs (seem to continually) evolve.Brittany’s patience, professionalism and warmth throughout the process was very impressive. I would HIGHLY recommend Brittany Rohr and Rohring Results for any aspect of creating a marketing plan, building an approachable, state-of-the-art website, and as a valuable, highly-knowledgeable resource overall.Bill Lundgren, Exec. Dir.Life Realized, Inc.https://liferealized.orgbill@liferealized.org941-500-3443read more
Jean Henderson
Jean Henderson
19:39 23 Oct 20
I highly recommend Brittany Rohr with Rohring Results if you are looking for a marketing partner to help you define and grow your business. I really enjoyed working with Brittany and her development team for my website. I was so impressed with her level of talent and customer service that I have also worked with her on other projects. When you work with Brittany, she walks you through the process of creating a website. You first figure out what style/look you prefer & the design process continues from there. She asks the right questions and provides options so you are able to develop the look and feel that you want for your business. I submitted to the process with her and she produced an AMAZING logo, website and business card that I am so excited to introduce to the community! With her guidance, I was able to define my business. I now have the tools to market and grow my business!! She truly does care about helping people grow their business and is EXCEPTIONAL at what she does!! I needed a partner that would help with a part of my business that I am not good at,…I trusted her & she delivered!!Jean Henderson MS, RDN, LDNFUEL FOR LIFEread more
Samantha Dubinski
Samantha Dubinski
04:25 27 Aug 20
TRULY AMAZING! Rohring Results did such a fantastic job at designing my logo and name for my brand, they took my ideas and made it BETTER then I could’ve ever imagined! They always wanted feedback on the revisions of what I liked and didn’t then they listened and fixed things accordingly. They were always quick to respond and always answered all my questions. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to have anything done with designing because they are amazing and the best!read more
Happy Soul
Happy Soul
12:45 07 Jul 20
Thank you Rohring Results for my amazing website!It’s soo easy for all of our “happy souls” to place their lunch orders. It’s super easy and convenient for our customers to place their orders and super easy for me to fill them.Our business has almost doubled since our website went up about 2weeks ago!!Thank you again from Happy Soul( Paula Tromp) ??❤️✨read more
James Holder
James Holder
18:28 27 Jun 20
Hi Brittany,I wanted to share,The Your Vision Renderings website just sold a big rendering/virtual tour job for me from the city of Eaton Colorado.Eaton City library renovation–Historical landmark buildingMy designer client showed/presented the City review board our website/portfolio (to allocate budget for visuals) and they were amazed and said the entire website site and work is stunning!!!! YVR Hired on the spot! ???They are excited to see all the visuals of each of the spaces in the library to aid in signing off on the renovation design before work takes place.This is big big one! Than you again for making me such a fantastic site/sales tool. It works.YOU ROCK! ???read more
Amanda Girton
Amanda Girton
02:02 29 Jan 20
Brittany and her team are amazing!! They offer such great services and even more. They do more than just the project, they also brainstorm and help you create the best plan possible for your business. Highly recommend!read more
Eileen Collins
Eileen Collins
17:16 14 Jan 20
I love working with Brittany. Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious. She really has a passion for helping Small Business and Entrepreneurs to succeed. In every conversation I have with her, new ideas and projects come to mind. She help you focus on what’s really important in your business. She helps you create the vision but also to get there. She is a key part of my business. Very Professional but also personal and kind. I highly recommend her!read more
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