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Client’s Challenges:

Case A: They have a new software that is in Beta and needs beta testers to test the functionality as they develop the new features and at the same time grow the number of testers, so they still have a good experience and continue to participate. It is an online networking platform so bringing on the right number of consistent new people is vital to its success.

Case B: It’s a new concept online and so there is some education that needs to take place to get people excited about signing up.

Client’s Goal:

They wanted to take about 6 months to fully develop their platform and utilize the beta testers to find the issues, give their insight on the features, create a beginning of a market share for when they launch, and prove their concept into a real solution to the current issue of networking efficiently and effectively.

Our Actions:

Our team then did research on the competition, their current SEO and website platform to determine the best plan to position the company to the new beta testers, create a scalable strategy and develop a user experience that allowed for testing yet providing value to keep a low turnover in testers.

We built a new landing page website with a user experience first design that was easy to understand all the benefits of signing up to become a beta tester. We are also going to utilize this domain for SEO and provide additional value to the testers and partners.

Another strategy that we implemented is a waiting list so we could grow the platform gradually to keep the experience controlled and positive.

Lastly, we laid out a marketing plan that would generate traffic through our founder’s network, social media marketing, and creating strategic content shared within our distribution network.

After implementing the new website, daily updates, and initial SEO, we watched and made adjustments to optimize the site for continued increased traffic statistics.

Suggested Additional Services to Continue Driving Targeted Traffic:

Social Media Marketing:

Creating a strategy and content that builds the brand awareness about the benefits that they receive as a beta tester. A|B testing ads showcasing the platform being used and testimonials from current users.

Creating a share and follow campaign is also vital to expanding the number of users, and we are going to use a few different software and add additional pages to their website to make the increased traffic more inclined to join the platform.

Strategic Content Creation:

Creating content built around the key aspects of the platform and pushing it out into our distribution network to be shared on social media will also drive traffic that is interested in the goals of our client’s technology. This will also create traffic that is most likely to stay on their site longer, reading and exploring which will consequently help their SEO ranking and bounce rate.

Why Choose Rohring Results?

Sometimes clients just need another set of eyes with a different set of experiences to see how to position a new platform to make it more enticing to their ideal users. Building up the right messaging is vital as you only get a few seconds before the potential client/user judges if they are going to continue paying attention to you or find something else. In a world full of noise, you have to break through and earn their time. We utilize conversion psychology to help build a plan that encompasses how to drive the right traffic and then convert them into advocates to spread your messaging.

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