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Content is king, but content distribution is what gets your content seen and heard by your target audience. You need a strategic blog distribution plan if you want to reach your target audience, generate leads, and convert prospects efficiently. At Rohring Results, we can help you distribute your blog content to amplify your reach and increase your profitability.


What Is Blog Distribution?

Blog distribution is the process of sharing your blog content with other websites, social media platforms, and online communities. When you distribute your blog content, you’re able to reach a larger audience and generate more traffic back to your website.

There are many different ways to distribute your blog content. You can submit your blogs to directories, share them on social media, or even email them to your list of subscribers. The most important thing is that you’re strategic about how you distribute your content so that you can reach your target audience effectively.

What Are the Primary Blog Distribution Channels?

Blog distribution falls under three primary categories, all of which are designed to help you extend your reach to different audiences. While it’s important to write high-quality blog articles, it is also necessary to distribute them to be published, shared, and promoted to be successful. Associating your brand with spammy, irrelevant, and poor-ranking websites will not help your business.

Here are three primary blog distribution channels we use:

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Owned Distribution Channels

These are basically your own websites, social media platforms, email lists, and blogs. Since you have complete control over your channels, you determine the scheduling of your content, but you may find it hard to reach a wider audience with your own channels alone.


Earned Distribution Channels

These are websites, social media platforms, and other third-party channels that share your content without you having to pay for ad space. The owners of these channels are themselves audiences who find your content relevant and useful to them, and they share your content on their own platforms. These channels help build your online credibility organically.

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Paid Distribution

Straightforwardly, these are websites, social media platforms, directories, and other third-party channels that you pay to share your content in front of their audiences.

Our Blog Distribution Process

At Rohring Results, we have an easy and efficient blog distribution process that allows your content to be distributed to your target audience quickly. Here’s how we do it:

Step 1

Content Writing

Our first step is to create unique, compelling blog content relevant to your target audience. Our team of professional writers will work with you to develop blog topics aligned with your business goals. Once you approve of the topics, our writers will get to work creating engaging and informative blog articles.

Step 2

Content Editing and Proofreading

After the content is written, our editing and proofreading team will ensure that it meets all the necessary requirements for blog distribution. This step includes checking for spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors. We also make sure that the content is properly formatted and optimized for SEO.

Step 3

Content Publishing

Once the content is edited and proofread, it's ready to be published on your website. We will help you determine the best time to publish your content so that it gets the most visibility. We will also share your content across our blog distribution network so that it reaches your target audience quickly.

Step 4

Content Distribution

The final step is to distribute your content through our blog distribution network. By distributing your content through our exclusive network, you can be sure that it will quickly reach a wide audience. Therefore, you can generate more traffic, increase your leads, and connect with potential clients.

Expand Your Customer Reach with Effective Blog Distribution

Everything related to content is crucial for the success of your business. Every step is important to expand your reach, from writing compelling blog content to effectively distributing it to high-authority channels. At Rohring Results, we offer complete blog distribution services that will help you get your content in front of your target audience quickly.

For more information about this service, contact us today.

How We Customize Your Blog Distribution Strategy

We believe that every business requires a different approach when it comes to blog distribution. With many factors needed to be considered, our digital marketing experts follow these steps to develop a customized strategy that will meet your business goals:

How Blog Distribution Helps Your Business

Blog content distribution is one of the most effective but most overlooked strategies in digital marketing. Here are some of the benefits your business can enjoy with this service:

Generate More Traffic

By distributing your content through our high-traffic blog distribution network, you can quickly generate more traffic to your website. As a result, you will be able to reach more potential clients, allowing them to connect with you easily.

Build Brand Awareness

When your blog content is distributed in our network, it will help build awareness for your brand, especially if you’re just starting out. As more people see your content, they will get familiarized with your brand name, which is essential for any business.

Generate More Leads

By getting your content in front of your target audience, you can generate more leads for your business. As people see your content and become interested in what you have to offer, they are more likely to reach out to you, inquire, and purchase your products or services.

Improve Search Engine Rankings

Our blog distribution services can help improve your search engine rankings as well. By optimizing your content for SEO before distributing it, we can help you rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs), making it easier for potential customers to find you.

Convert More Prospects

Aside from generating leads, this can also help you convert prospects into paying customers. By delivering quality content that answers their questions or solves their problems, they will begin to trust you, increasing your credibility with your target market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Definitely. There are several benefits you can get from blog distribution services, such as better lead generation, increased conversions, improved brand awareness, and more. Even if you have high-quality content on your website, if you’re not distributing it properly, it will not generate leads or convert.

Of course! We have a specific network wherein we promote our clients’ blog content, but if you prefer to distribute it on other platforms, we’d love to discuss the opportunities over a call.

If you prefer to write your own blog content, that’s okay with us. Otherwise, we have a team of content writers who can write any content you want to be posted and distributed.

We focus on the metrics that relate to your main goal. So, for example, your goal for the strategy is to increase your website’s traffic. We have a tool that can show your business traffic, engagement rate, and more, which we will provide in our reports.

Take Your Business to the Next Level with Our Blog Distribution Services

At Rohring Results, we understand how important it is to have a solid digital marketing strategy in place. That’s why we offer blog distribution services that can help you grow your business.

To learn more about our blog distribution services, schedule a conversation with us, and let’s talk about the opportunities that await you!

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