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Things are changing faster than ever now in our new normal. People are becoming more involved in their online beliefs, watching more streaming services, budgeting differently, eating differently, shopping differently and finding innovative ways to socialize! Figuring out how your business needs to change so it can not only survive, but thrive post pandemic needs to be top of mind. We are going to walk you through the thought process so you can see how social media marketing is evolving and how you can capitalize on those trends in this economy!

First, take a step back. It is vital to pull yourself out of your business and take a “10,000 foot” view of your business and your current/new ideal customer. When you are working “inside” your business, it’s like hiking through a jungle…you can see a few feet ahead and where you just were, but you have no idea if you are on the “right path” to get where you want to go. However, if you were in a helicopter over the jungle, you can see where the jungle is thicker and what the “quickest route” to the destination actually is! Then you can direct those who are on the ground which ways to go and what areas to avoid.

Social media marketing consulting by Brittany Rohr & Rohring Results

A mistake many businesses make is assuming that your past ideal customers will remain your future IDEAL customers…This is problematic because the economy is unpredictable, new trends form all the time, competition comes in and out, and your business makes changes based on supply and demand. The joys of capitalism 😉

Taking the time to “forget what you know now” and allow yourself to question what you are doing and who you are trying to serve will allow your business to evolve and be flexible with the above changing “jungle”. Change your mindset to see what is actually happening and pretend that you are a consultant to your business. Trust us, this will open doors for opportunities that may never existed before!

Second, is being excited about collaboration! Now we are getting where this affects social media marketing! In a time when everything is changing and people are noticing the uncertainty…people come together to support each other as you are stronger in numbers 🙂 Some questions to ask to see where and who you can collaborate with are:

  • Who offers something to your new ideal customers but isn’t in competition with you?
  • Who offers something that builds on what you already offer?
  • What do you offer that builds on someone else’s offer?
  • How can you “package” what you offer with someone else?
  • What can you afford to “give away” to support others? You can use this as a “loss leader” or a partnering product 🙂
  • Competitors almost always aren’t “true direct competitors”. See if there is a way that you can go in on a marketing campaign together that is community focused! The community will see this as compassion and build more trust with you as well as potentially open new doors for the future!
  • Can you do fun contests to drive engagement?
  • Host virtual events to build funnels and traffic to your website!
  • Create a promotion pod- Get between 5 and 10 businesses that are complementary to tag, share, invite, comment and provide offers to boost the social platform’s algorithms in your favor. Try doing at least 3 engagements per “partner” each week 🙂
  • Guest blog for other businesses!
  • Find where your customers are socializing and spend time engaging in those groups/pages!


Social marketing tips post pandemic by Brittany Rohr


Third, see if you need to change Social Platforms. Resources are limited. You may only have so much money and/or time. Deciding where you spend it is an important decision. Pay attention to your analytics and watch for dips in engagement on your profile and others in your industry. If you notice a dip that lasts longer than 3 months, it’s time to re-think your social strategy. Being on multiple platforms is great for many things like SEO, brand awareness, and social proof. Customers research you before they purchase and will go to multiple platforms to do this so having your fresh content that shows your company culture, what you offer and what makes you different can make or break you. However, if you don’t have the ability to keep active on all of them, pick the ones that has the most return and focus your attention there!

If you want an omni-channel strategy, which means that the same strategy is deployed across multiple channels, then you can lessen the workload by simply re-posting the same content everywhere. To make things easier, our founder Brittany Rohr from Sarasota Florida, has developed a program called Simplified Social Media Marketing Packages to give a fusion of Omni and Multi-channel marketing where her team of experts develops the content strategy that is optimized for each platform and customizes them for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn so businesses can do VERY LITTLE work and have great content everywhere! The program starts at $165/month to develop the content and our clients post where/when they want, but recently we added the ability for us to schedule it for them for only $150 more! So enjoy the great deal and use that added valuable time to GROW YOUR BUSINESS!

Have other ideas? Want to see us offer something else? We love hearing from you! Message us and let’s have a chat 😉


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