Marketing for Results- Stop Outspending Your Competitors, Out Smart Them!

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Marketing is all about building your brand awareness so your ideal consumer knows who you are, what solutions you offer and how to contact you. Doing this affordably and getting results is the sweet spot that many business owners strive for but never get because they are too busy outspending their competition in the same channels and often the same strategy… There are many pieces to building a marketing campaign and those details can make or break the effectiveness of your results so below are the steps to achieving a strategy that will continue to increase your ROI.

Step 1: Research where your competition is spending resources.

You may have multiple competitors focusing on 1 marketing channel that is causing it to become too expensive…and also ineffective. A good example is personal injury law firms marketing on TV. You see so many of the same commercials in a row, all the time, that you actually start to drown them from existence (just like the side ads on Facebook desktop). What a waste! They all are so similar and have the same message…therefore they blend together and are quickly forgotten. In order to compete here, you would have to spend more than your competition to get the TV time and have a BETTER commercial…or you can do the unexpected…FIND ANOTHER MARKETING CHANNEL!

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Question Everything!

Is it the right channel to spend resources to market in or just spending money to “stay in the game”?

Brittany Rohr, Bradenton Florida


Finding a new marketing channel can boost your results and save you time and money if done correctly. There are so many great places and platforms to market on… To get success, you just have to do some brainstorming, research and planning to find the right one with the right strategy!

Step 2: Who are you really targeting?

Get into the mind of your ideal customer. Where do they spend time? How would you describe their personality? Are they tech savvy? Do they work from home? Do they travel? What types of demographics are typical for them? What are they interested in? Do they like to read? Where do they like to go? Really get inside of their head. A great example of this is

Now that you know more about your target audience, now we need to explore where can you best reach them? (Don’t try to think about the best idea for a strategy yet…you’re skipping ahead 🙂 )

  • Is it on a specific social media platform?
  • Are they local or national?
  • Do they watch a lot of TV? And what shows?
  • Would they be considered more social than other demographics?

Here is a list of a few platforms to give you a place to start:

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Twitter
  4. Pinterest
  5. LinkedIn
  6. YouTube
  7. TV Commercials
  8. Streaming Media
  9. Outdoor Advertising
  10. Hosting Events
  11. Direct Mail
  12. Affiliate Marketing
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Step 3: Brainstorm Your Strategy- Then Test!

Now is the fun part- Mastermind each of your channels and find a unique way to engage your ideal customer. If you appear like everyone else in your industry, you will fade away into the back of their mind and never be remembered! Be remarkable so you are memorable! A great place to start is by thinking about the associations you want to build into your marketing and work backward.

For example: One of our associations that we focus on is affordability and results in marketing plans. To do this we write informative articles, engage heavily in online social networking groups, and have a great referral program where our clients are always referring! Another example would be a lawn care company using direct mail in the neighborhoods they are already servicing offering a discount for a particular day/time since they will already be in the area! This shows trust because someone else in their neighborhood is already using them, and it gives them a discount to jump in and try them out.

There are lots of ways that you can market and get results. In fact, our founder Brittany Rohr from Bradenton, Florida has created a social media solution that gives many small business owners the ability to have daily custom content on 4 platforms for less than $150/month! She has even made it risk-free with a money-back guarantee and no contracts 🙂 When businesses search your business online, are they finding what you want them to find? Before you start any major marketing campaign, solve this first 🙂

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