Premium Startup Package

$450.00 / month

Every Month Includes:

  • 30 Posts Every Month on Each Platform Selected ($120/mo for any additional platforms)
    • Platforms to Choose From: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google Business
    • 5 of the posts are videos
    • 10 Social Stories Posted for additional organic exposure
    • Posts Are Smart Scheduled based on your target market and currently engaged audience
  • Dedicated Social Media Manager
  • 2 Ads/boosts are Created Per Platform and we utilize A|B testing to optimize your ads over time
    • We create the visuals, create/adjust the target audiences, and manage the ads all the way through
    • Includes $50 Ad Spend per platform
  • FAQ Facebook Chatbot
  • Monthly Analytics Report including:
    • After Actions of the past 30 days
    • Future 30 Day Strategy
    • Platform Analytics
    • Suggestions for expedited growth
    • 2 Social Media Business Page Competitor Reports

You will not start your monthly recurring billing until after you have approved both the initial strategy and initial set of content to go live 🙂 Your recurring billing date will occur the same calendar date that your first post goes live. If you have any questions or are not happy with our services prior to us posting, we will happily refund you in full. Our social packages are all month to month with a preferred 30 notice 🙂

Only choose the number that is included with the plan above :)

These posts will be apart of an omni-marketing approach and will take the current posts and optimize them for each additional platform. We also include scheduling :)

Want a simple social media marketing solution to give your brand more exposure?

This package is perfect for businesses that want to implement a social strategy for sales, brand awareness, client engagement or education. Not only do you receive a minimum of 2 paid ads/boosts but we also provide daily content, including videos and stories on your social platform(s) that you get to pre-approve and collaborate with your dedicated team using our proprietary client portal!

Ready to make your life EASIER?

Our posts consist of a combination of branded, parallel and conversion designed posts. Branded posts are designed to educate your clients as well as create psychological associations to build your brand awareness. Parallel posts are designed to entertain or educate your audience in order to keep the social in social media. They are curated articles that appeal to your clients but have nothing to do with your actual company- Think complementary content. Everyone’s favorite content is conversion designed content. We use 3 main components- pain point, solution and call to action in order to increase the percentage of your target audience. This is a simplified explanation, but we want you to understand some of the strategies that we utilize 🙂

You provide us with your business goals, monthly campaigns/promotions, and any visuals you would like us to integrate and we do the rest. We include a $50 advertising budget with your package. If you would like to add additional ad spend, there are no additional “management” fees. Our goals with the ads are 2 parts- 1 is to increase growth since the social platforms are more of a “pay to play scenario” now; 2 is to utilize the ads to build your marketing machine so you know what works for your business’s social media strategy. Added bonus, over time you will know your cost per conversion, which will allow you to grow your business in a predicted way!

A Facebook Chatbot is also included to help with the quick questions that people may have so you don’t have to worry about the answer immediately while giving potential clients immediate responses and keeping your Facebook quick response on which helps your page’s exposure!

How Many Platforms Would You Like?

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