Quick Social Package Option 2

$415.00 / month

  • 1 Platform
  • (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn)
  • 15 Graphic Posts
  • 15 Curated Articles
  • 5 Stories
  • 2 Videos
  • 5 Manual Engagement Hours
  • FAQ Chatbot

Make Rohring Result’s social media marketing expertise work for you. We get it — you’ve got a business to run. There are deals to be made, rent to be paid, books to be balanced, and staff to keep an eye on. You can’t be messing about with…Tweeter? Insta-who? We’ll select all of your posts, customize them, and schedule them so you don’t have to give it a thought. You will have tons of customized content that are going to help your business reach its goals!


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