Plumbing social media case study

Plumbing Company Social Media Case Study

Client’s Challenges:

The client’s social media reach, particularly on Facebook had low viewers which did not help in improving their brand awareness campaign. The content on all platforms was standard so it wasn’t getting any engagement which compounded the problem.

Client’s Goal:

The goal was to increase their Facebook overall reach and increase their brand awareness at the same time. Staying top of mind and branding themselves with a consistent message was important to their growth plan.

Our Actions:

  • Aside from the current sales/conversion posts, the team decided to post a variety of fun content like Tips, Q&A’s, Customer Testimonials, and Branded Posts. These types of content are random posts that aren’t necessarily connected to a broader campaign, but they still reinforced their overall brand message. 
  • To send traffic to their website, we used a CTA to drive traffic to the Contact us and Get an Appointment page.
  • We also repurposed an old video from their website page, edited, posted, and boosted it.

Why Choose Rohring Results?

If you are struggling in creating content for your business, our team will definitely be a great solution. When you partner with our agency, we make sure our digital team and relationship marketing experts are taking into consideration and focued on what you really want to happen in your business- results! Our approach is proven and there is a reason we have only 5 star reviews online 😉

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