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Brittany Rohr
Brittany Rohr

Founder and CEO

Site Health Decreasing Causes SEO Difficulty

We have found that when the site health is below 80%, there is a drop in the keyword rankings, so we keep our websites with SEO services above 90% to stay ahead of the competition.

In fact, enhancing the health of your website can significantly increase both your site’s traffic and search engine visibility. The search console statistics typically show an increase between 10%-15% in organic clicks and a 20%-30% increase in organic impressions when we improve the site health from around 70% to 95% or above.

Health Score

The Site Health score is based on the number of errors and warnings found on the website when the pages are crawled. Errors have the highest negative impact, and notices aren’t really a big deal. Our Site Audits have over 130 checks. The higher the score, the fewer problems your site has, the better it is optimized for search engines, and the more user-friendly it is. Creating a better experience keeps the visitors on longer and shows the search engines that you have value and will increase your trust with them.

Core Vitals

The subset of Web Vitals known as Core Web Vitals pertains to all web pages, should be measured by all site owners, and will be surfaced in all Google tools. Each of the Core Web Vitals represents a unique aspect of the user experience, is field-measurable, and captures the practical application of a key user-centric result.

Performance of loading is measured by Largest Contentful Paint (LCP). A decent user experience requires LCP to happen within 2.5 seconds of the page’s initial load. Interactivity is measured by the First Input Delay (FID). Pages with a FID of 100 milliseconds or fewer should offer a satisfactory user experience. Visual stability is measured by cumulative layout shift (CLS). Pages should maintain a CLS of 0.1 or less to offer a decent user experience.

The 75th percentile of page loads, divided across mobile and desktop devices, is a suitable threshold to measure for each of the aforementioned metrics to make sure you’re hitting the suggested objective for the majority of your consumers. However, we always strive to go above and beyond, bringing our SEO websites to 100% in their Core Vitals.

Why Choose Rohring Results?

Our SEO technical team keeps your site monitored and maintained. If you want your site to rank ahead of the competition, you have to have a well-rounded plan that includes your core vitals and health high. Build trust with the search engines and your visitors with a great user experience to create consistently increasing Rohring Results!

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