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Pinterest Tips & Tricks For Business

Would you like to save, pin, and discover visual content that interests you, your target audience, and customers? Then Pinterest is the perfect platform to do it!

Pinterest is a visual discovery platform where users discover, upload, and share multimedia content. It is described less as a social network and more as a niche specific content discovery tool where users can organize and collect different types of media like photos, gifs, video, and more. 


Why Use Pinterest For Your Business?

  • Pinterest was the fastest standalone site in history to reach 10 million unique users in 2012.
  • With more than 175 billion Pins to browse through, there are opportunities for every type of brand on Pinterest.
  • As of the first quarter of 2019, Pinterest reported 291 million monthly active users globally. 
  • Pinterest has an awareness reach of 72% as of February 2019. It means, there’s a potential for both local, and global businesses on this platform.
  • 50% of millennials use Pinterest every month.
  • 78% of Pinterest users say that content from brands is useful.


How Do You Build a Successful Pinterest Marketing Strategy?

Like other Social media platforms, Pinterest has its own strategies for success and driving traffic to your website or app. So what do you need to do to succeed on Pinterest in 2019? Here are some marketing strategies to reach your desired results on Pinterest.

  • Use Canva or Promo Republic graphics designer tool for creating great pins.
  • If you’re using Pinterest for your brand or business, convert your account to a business account. Some of the benefits that a business account gives us are: 
  • Being able to message anyone you want.
  • Pinterest Business Account Analytics access. 
  • Pinterest algorithms assist your account to grow faster.
  • To increase your followers, start visiting the profiles of people who have similar topics as your clients would have. Go to the page of their followers and follow people. This activity creates a buzz on Pinterest and also adds other areas for your account to be discovered.
  • Regularly save pins and creating boards. It’s how the algorithm works for Pinterest that keeps your account active and gaining more exposure.
  • Use How, Why, When creating engagement posts. Questioning should be used to achieve well-defined goals and get more engagement. 
  • Join a Group Board to network and engage with users your clients share the same interest.
  • Pin regularly. You will not have engagement exposure if you do not pin permanently, every day. Just join several boards and pin there every day. 
  • Using hashtags are now BIG on Pinterest. So make sure you’re using them the right way!


Here Are Some Ways For Your Brand To Get Found on Pinterest in 2019

  • Use The Following Tab
  • Utilizing Hashtags 
  • Through Pinterest’s Smart Feed
  • Pinterest Guided search


Following Tab – If you want Pinterest to only show the content from people you’re following, Follow brands or users you want. 


Hashtags Usage – Should you use Pinterest hashtags? 

Definitely! Hashtags are now available on Pinterest, so if you want your content to be found by your target audience, use relevant Hashtags. Hashtags on Pinterest are words or phrases used to identify Pins about a specific topic.  After your post description, add your hashtags. Pinterest will show the most used hashtags pins, then choose the right one(s) for your brand. 


Pinterest Smart Feed – Why should you learn about Pinterest Smart Feed for your business?

Smart Feed connects the Pinterest users to their interests and creates relevancy for better user experiences. The Smart Feed is the most powerful section on Pinterest for you to capture a followers attention or attract a new follower for your page.   


There are 4 major things a business or brand can work with to get more exposure in the Smart Feed:

  1. Images: Amazing and easy to understand images are what Pinterest users are on Pinterest searching for – they are easy on the eyes and brain. Think about creating visuals that are simple and improve how people see your company. Pins that contain value do the best.  Use your own original images if possible and make sure you optimize that image for Pinterest. 
  1. Keywords: Using the most relevant keywords and hashtags for your Pinterest Pins helps your content become searchable. It tells Pinterest what your post is about and when people search for those keywords, your pins will appear. 

How and where to put your keywords on your Pinterest Pins?

  • Post title
  • Pin Description
  • Your Website URL (this is basic google SEO)
  • Board name (Pinterest catalogs the board names and matches it with pins)

       3. Domain Authority: This improves your SEO to get you more organic traffic with Google. 

How to Increase your Domain Quality? Here’s how to improve your domain quality ranking with Google and get Pinterest to trust your page:

Step 1. Convert to a business account (if you haven’t done it yet).

Step 2. Add/Claim your website.  This can tell Pinterest that you are a legitimate pinner.

Step 3. Enable rich pins on your account. According to Pinterest, Rich Pins provide more context about an idea because they show extra information directly on a Pin. There are four types of Rich Pins: App, Product, Recipe, and Article. To learn more about the Rich Pins, visit Pinterest Rich Pins page description: https://business.pinterest.com/en/rich-pins 

Step 4. Create and pin high-quality content that receives many saves and engagements.


       4. Pinterest Page Quality: Daily or consistently pinning is important. That’s how 

Pinterest tells you to grow on their platform. Follow other people who interest your company and share content in your niche. Doing those activities helps you to be a good community member by engaging and creating high-value content for the platform.


Pinterest Guided Search – One thing that helps the users find the image they are looking for when performing a search. Pinterest uses keywords to help find your pins and show them to users who are looking for them.

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