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Your feedback system will help with all of these, however, we want to build yours to be more effective for your goals 🙂
Your feedback system will help with all of these, however, we want to build yours to be more effective for your goals 🙂
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Our Story

Who Is Rohring Results?

No Two Tigers Have The Same Roar!

Brittany Rohr, Founder of Rohring Results is a visionary business catalyst who was born and raised in the Sarasota and Manatee area. Moving to Vegas for Cirque Du Soleil was a turning point which brought her into a city with technology and an influx of business owners from all over the country! This is when she discovered her knack for business consulting. Working with start up technology companies and managing logistics, IT, marketing, sales and business development, she earned her stripes with other larger technology-based companies! After a few more years, she turned her focus on building the Las Vegas small business community and consulted for over 250 businesses in industries like: e-commerce, non-profits, real estate, accounting, legal, medical, entertainment, animal supplements, smart cities, business services, cannabis, bitcoin and even MLM’s! Growing out her teams of experts has been vital to her success to implement the consulting ideas into reality!

Her clients describe her talent as “adding rocket fuel” to their business model by showing them a bigger idea and exploding their social media marketing results. She also helps businesses find the best business model and marketing strategy, so they can be more efficient with their budgets! Brittany has an extraordinary ability for scaling businesses into major brands and accelerating their growth in a sustainable manner.

What sets Brittany apart in her field is the rare combination of a strategic, analytical mindset that is balanced with her genuine love for helping people. Not only does she understand so many of the leading-edge technology options and platforms for doing business in today’s world, she is fluid in the art of collaboration and traction channels!