National Franchise Launch Case Study

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Brittany Rohr
Brittany Rohr

Founder and CEO

Client’s Challenges:

The client’s name was recognized in his industry and a flagship location, but no real platform to promote to sign on new franchisees or build location websites. He basically had them all create their own, and there were a lot of brand issues and a lack of results.

Client’s Goal:

They wanted to have a national-facing website to promote the brand, work on national SEO for driving leads, and a “near me” function that could direct those leads to the locations to help build their traction. Brand consistency and ease of creating a new location were also important. There were many steps to consider and multiple platforms involved.

Our Actions:

Research & Development:

The SEO team got started with keyword and competitor research and site structure that would be needed to perform a combined strategy of a national and multi-site for the locations. This can be more complicated when you have over 50 locations to build for, as they can’t have duplicate content, or they will end up cannibalizing each other. During the same time, the Website Development team worked on re-designing the new main site, creating the foundation for a national brand with a location search and the franchisee websites that could be built faster than a typical project.

Planning for New Locations:

Each new location needed a Google Business Profile, Social Media Profiles, an about page for the national website, and a local website with SEO optimizations and ongoing SEO and social content/ads. We created automation and workflows to track and expedite the tasks so nothing was missed, and we kept the consistency of the brand.

An Overview of the Workflows

National SEO Results:

Local SEO:

When we launched the Flagship location Site

Why Choose Rohring Results?

Our team specializes in every area of business development, technology, systems/automation, website design, social media, targeted ads, building full re-marketing funnels, and all the pieces in between. We put together systems and a full plan where the entire team works together, so you don’t have to piece out your marketing, and we are responsible for getting you the results. If you are building a franchise or are a franchisee, we have the experience to take your business to the next level.

There are no contracts. We earn your business every month.

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