Medical Spa Social Media & Driving Targeted Traffic Case Study

Medical Spa Company SEO Case Study In FL
Brittany Rohr
Brittany Rohr

Founder and CEO

Client’s Challenge:

The client faced the challenges of improving an effective call-to-action strategy on social media, driving traffic, and getting the Facebook restricted ads approved.

Client’s Goal:

The client wanted to increase the number of appointments booked, boost website traffic and improve their engagement activities.

Our Actions:

We focused first on adding industry-related call-to-action posts which will consequently boost clicks organically. Then we moved forward with creating content that highlighted the offerings and benefits to persuade the ideal audience segment that the services the client was offering in the ad were the best option based on their own personal challenges within that demographic. Additionally, playing with the captions, wording, and the image itself, thorough research and A|B testing must also be conducted.

In order to improve their site’s traffic and search exposure, and stay compliant with Google’s policies, social media posts were also posted on the client’s business website and Google Business Page.

Facebook and Instagram were allotted a 1-hour engagement task in places where their target audience participated on a weekly basis to drive organic views. 

Some Facebook posts are boosted to gain more exposure and we used a contact form or booking link for appointments. 

Then we increased the weekly Engagement to 2 hrs. on Facebook visiting local groups and industry-related Facebook groups… On  Instagram engagement activities are visiting profiles from the local community using hashtags and location searches. Commenting on the posts and responding to comments. 

Ad spend & Results: 

  • By boosting the posts, The client’s business page received over 52k Impressions and Reached over 12k Facebook accounts.
  • Their Facebook gained 12 new follows
  • The ads we ran received 236 combined clicks  
  • Each post had a better user experience with the new CTA which led to more cost-effective clicks and bookings.

Suggested Additional Services to Continue Driving Targeted Traffic:

Google Maps Optimization & Local SEO:

Working with daily updates on Google My Business by creating posts relevant to the spa’s services, increasing reviews, and working with the new algorithm changes, and optimizing the website to rank for the high volume keywords for each location.

Why Choose Rohring Results?

The clients that have had us perform a combination of the above additional services have seen anywhere between 75%-200% traffic increases monthly, bounce rates drop to below 6%, and the time spent on the site per user increase well over 100% which all leads to more conversions! Digital marketing all works together to create an indirect effect on your results! Clients receive results very quickly and we can optimize them over time to continue to increase their ROI.

Rohring Results utilizes many cutting-edge and proprietary software to build websites which helps us to strategically grow medical spas all across the country. Our core belief is not to outspend your competition, but to outsmart them with strategy by partnering with a marketing agency that is always improving and learning how to work with the new algorithms and build a better user experience.

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