Law Firm SEO and Website Case Study

Law Firm SEO Company Bradenton Case Study 1
Brittany Rohr
Brittany Rohr

Founder and CEO

Client’s Challenge:

The client had a website that was not optimized or user-friendly which was leading to little traffic flow and even fewer phone calls. It had the basic information a law firm website needs, but was lacking the ability to capture the visitior’s attention long enough to build trust and brand awareness and create action.

Client’s Goal:

They wanted to increase traffic to their website and phone calls. This meant their new website would need to be interactive, educational, and built for SEO so visitors would spend more time reading and come to the decision that this law firm was the best option.

Our Actions:

We rebuilt the website with a user experience first design that built up the new branding they wanted to use to differentiate themselves from the other law firms in their local area.

Our team then did research on the keywords and competition to determine the best strategy on the site structure and content.

After implementing the new website, daily updates, and initial SEO, we watched and made adjustments to optimize the site for continued increased traffic statistics.

Suggested Additional Services to Continue Driving Targeted Traffic:

Google Maps Optimization for Law Firms:

Working with daily updates on Google My Business by creating posts, reviews and working with the algorithm changes.

Social Media Marketing for Law Firms:

Creating a strategy and content that drives not only the unique brand differences but also engages the community in the community. To be more specific- Not creating a broadcast marketing campaign as most law firms do.

Strategic Content Creation:

Educating potential clients on what their rights are during different cases and how to protect themselves when they do encounter an incident which builds up the law firm marketing messages as the leader in their local area. We also have the ability to drivie targeted traffic using many paid and organic services.

Why Choose Rohring Results?

The clients that have had us perform a combination of the above additional services have seen anywhere between 50%-150% traffic increases monthly, bounce rates drop to below 8%, and the time spent on the site per user increase well over 100% which all leads to more conversions! Digital marketing works together to create indirect effects on your ongoing results and typically takes between 2-3 months to start showing consistent progress.

Rohring Results utilizes many cutting-edge and proprietary software to build websites which helps us to strategically grow law firms and other small businesses in various industries. Our core belief is not to outspend your competition, but to outsmart them with strategy and a partnership with a marketing agency that is always improving and learning how to work with the new algorithms and user experience evolution.

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