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Instagram Stories vs. Facebook Stories & Business Marketing!

How are you utilizing your Facebook & Instagram Stories for your business? Did you know that you can use these two social marketing sites to increase your exposure and promote your business? 

“Stories” gives your content a better chance of being seen because it works with the platform’s algorithms. Doing what the platforms want gives them more reason to promote you to your target audience! 

So if you are not utilizing your Facebook or Instagram Stories for your business now, you have a great reason too and help your business to “Stand Out”!

Why are “Stories” useful for brands? 

When you think of “Stories”, what do you think about? You think about an emotional connection or being able to relate to people through experiences. That is how you should think about these too. The only exception is that these are creating brand experiences! So preface every story with…how do I want the audience to feel when they see my story? Then build your strategy around that!

First things first, you should decide which platform to use by identifying your target audience and finding out which platform they use. Be where your customers are. As a small business, you should be intentional and pick platforms where you can get in front of your target audience effectively. 

1. Facebook and Instagram Stories can be utilized for sharing creative, real-time updates. By using Stories, brands or businesses can share all the moments of your day, events, or any other stories which are different from the posts you keep on your profile. Always keep in mind that these are quick and are meant to cause a feeling from the audience.

It’s a perfect way for individuals and businesses to add personalization to their brand and build their brand authenticity and trust!

2. Rising Stories Use. More and more people are discovering how to use and view Stories. As brands or businesses, use it as an opportunity to show a more personal or intimate side of your brand or people in the company. 

3. What?! Instagram Stories hit 500 Million Daily users in the year 2018! Don’t fall behind! Facebook and Messenger Stories hit 300 million daily active users in the year 2018. Be where your customers ARE!

With these numbers only increasing, small businesses need to start creating and sharing content on Facebook and Instagram Stories to keep up!

4: Stories could also be a new way to boost your audience’s interest and promote better engagement. If you’re relevant and creative, you can get more of your fans coming back to your Page, and direct them to your website. Create a great journey and lead your audience to become a customer!


The Technical Side:

What’s the Difference Between Facebook & Instagram Stories?

AR Face Masks/ Face Filters

It’s an easy way to turn an ordinary selfie into something fun and entertaining. While you get face filters in both Stories, each platform still has differences that will make you want to use both. 


Each platform’s Face Filter offers a wide array of masks, animation, and other cool stuff! However, Instagram stories don’t have much face filters and effects, unlike Facebook. 


User Interface

Even though Facebook and Instagram stories still look very similar, there are still other features that make each platform different. (Image Below)

Facebook Camera Tools:                                              Instagram Camera Tools:

Gallery                                                                           Gallery

Nightmode                                                                     Flash

Flash                                                                             AR Mask

AR Mask                                                                       Type 

Live                                                                               Live

Boomerang                                                                   Normal Mode

Normal Mode                                                                Boomerang    

Video Mode                                                                   Superzoom




Brand Tools & Creative Features

The biggest benefit of Instagram stories is that it has several tools to help you boost your brand awareness. And if you have a business account with over 10 thousand followers, driving traffic is pretty straightforward.


With Facebook Stories, you can pin a location, timestamp, add an event, tag someone’s account, post your feelings, fundraiser sticker for nonprofits, and create polls. Talk about creating engagement! 

If you want to get results or traffic to your website,you can add a Call to Action button before publishing your Facebook Stories. One difference between the two platforms is that you can post photos and videos to a Group Story on Facebook (which is still not available on Instagram). 

While Instagram Stories is a great place to show off your business’ personality since it has more useful and interactive stickers. Here are the 8 Ways to use Instagram Stories Stickers to promote your Business: 

1: Location: Want to reach more people on Instagram? Use geotags! 

2: Mention: One of the most valuable Instagram story “hacks” businesses can use for increasing their content’s reach is using by mentioning other accounts. Just be collaborative!

3: Hashtag: You should include hashtags in your stories to help people discover your brand or business. There are two ways to add hashtags to your Stories. 

  • Use the Hashtag Sticker
  • Use the Text Tool and use # before your actual hashtag name and it will have the same result

4: Poll: If you want your audience to engage with your brand and grab their attention, Instagram Stories polls are a great way to stop your followers from swiping past your story! People love interacting with Polls! They are quick and they get to give their opinion 🙂

5: Questions:  If you’re using Instagram to engage with your customers, the Question sticker can be a fun way to gather insights about your audience. Increasing your engagement is key!

6: Countdown: Do you have an upcoming event or online sale? With Instagram countdown stickers, you can promote time-sensitive events and offerings. Once your Story viewers tap on your countdown, they can do 2 things:

– Set a Reminder for them to get notified when the countdown is over.

– They can share your countdown story on their Story too. 

7: Quiz: quiz stickers on Instagram stories is an incredibly important feature for small businesses. It can be a fun way to test the knowledge of your followers about your brand or allow them to give their opinion on something else!

8: Donation: According to Facebook social Good, the Instagram donation sticker allows eligible nonprofits and their supporters to raise money for charities on Instagram. Instagram users and brand’s followers can then choose a nonprofit to support and customize their sticker.

For brands and businesses, Facebook Stories presents a new way to share fun and remarkable content that’s more likely to reach your target audience — so it’s definitely worth investing your time in if you haven’t already!

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