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Hacking Hashtags On Instagram Stories

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Instagram stories are blowing up in numbers! But….did you know there is a Hashtag Hack to get you more exposure by adding up to 10 inside your IG stories? Oh, and they don’t have to destroy your amazing visual…Find out how!

Engage your audience with your stories and build your account with followers that care about your brand!

There are 2 ways you can add hashtags  to your Instagram Stories:

1: Use the Hashtag Sticker

2: Use the Text and use the “#” symbol before the keyword.

 ***Pro Tip: Here’s the exciting part!

If you want to add multiple hashtags but want to hide them, use the text type hashtag, shrink the hashtags, and hide them under a GIF or sticker to cover them, or even under the Hashtag Sticker. To make the most of this feature, use 10 hashtags and hide it.


How To Track The Hashtag Results on Instagram?

To get a closer look into your Instagram Stories analytics, open your story and swipe up or tap the “Seen by” for a full list of insights. This will pull up a number of important metrics that can help you measure the success of your Instagram Stories.

Instagram Stories are great for showing your viewers more about your products or services. It provides people thoughts on how they can benefit from your brand. For additional organic reach, use Instagram Stories and add the most relevant hashtag(s) for your brand.

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