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Increase your Local SEO and Trust with new potential customers with an automated Review system. We work within your current software and processes to integrate a plan to increase your reviews and provide remarketing opportunities at the same time!

Google reviews

How to Get More Google Reviews

Your business will receive more Google reviews using these 4 strategies. For each of these techniques, a Google review link will be required. A recommendation is to enable notifications. In this manner, you are informed when a customer reviews a product.

We’ll also explain how having a wider array of client feedback programs can have further advantages.

1) Send an email with a link to a review.

The most typical method of requesting Google reviews is this one. A company may send an email following a sale or a customer activity. Wait about a day after delivery, for instance, if your business sells tangible things, before sending the email. Then, send an email once the service is finished if your company provides it.

As an alternative to email, your business could provide review links to clients via SMS (text messaging). If your business already uses a text message system to deliver reminders, going the SMS route might be the best option.

2) Print QR codes on invoices

The simplest approach to gathering Google reviews is with a QR code. Paper receipts, business cards, product packaging, and even information packages can all contain the QR code. For instance, give a client a business card with a QR code as they leave your office. Let them know that you value their opinions.

We provide dynamic smart QR codes that include re-marketing pixels and analytics, and we can change the link it goes to anytime, which saves you thousands on new printing materials!

The most reliable method of collecting reviews is a QR code. There is no possibility of an email or SMS ending up in the spam folder, and you frequently have the option to thank a consumer for their feedback personally.

3) Include a review hyperlink on your website.

For SaaS businesses, the review link is ideal. You can insert a link inside customer account pages to gather customer evaluations easily. Wait a week or two before putting a link inside a customer account page so that the user is fully aware of your capabilities and services.

For e-commerce businesses, a straightforward review link on a website might not be appropriate. Instead, these businesses should wait to ask for reviews until after a buyer has received the item.

4) Include a review section in client surveys

The most reliable way for gathering Google reviews is this one. You will not only get more reviews, but you’ll also get more information that you can use to make your company better. You can embed a survey with a review link into a QR code, send the poll by email, or even add the survey to your website.

Some clients might wish to refrain from posting their reviews publicly or may not have a Google account. In this situation, surveys are ideal because no account is required, and responses are kept private. Without customer surveys, those data points for customers who do not wish to create a Google account would be overlooked.

Surveys can assist your business in pricing, product research, and other subjective measurements.

The Truth About Review Gating

This is when you restrict negative ratings, and only positive reviews are being collected. Customers are frequently first asked about their experiences, whether they were positive or negative. A consumer is asked to write a review if they indicate their positive experience. Technically, this is not allowed under Google policies.

Sincere Compliments

Review gating’s justification is clear. What if you check a firm and all reviews are five stars? That would appear suspicious and almost certainly breed suspicion. Positive and negative evaluations will be present in genuine feedback; a well-run company will have more positive than negative reviews.

There is a reason for bad reviews. Customers will notice if your business immediately responds to negative reviews and resolves the root cause. Nobody expects a company to be faultless, and a company’s dependability can be gauged by how well it can deal with unforeseen problems.

Review Gating Penalty

On the consequences of review gating, there is no formal statement. The removal of reviews and a decrease in ranking seem to be the most typical penalties.

On Google, reviews can be reported by anyone. If a reported review is carefully examined, it can reveal a business using a review gating system and result in sanctions. Machine learning is probably employed to identify fake reviews. In terms of algorithms, it would be simple to locate a business with 99% favorable reviews and a review count that is disproportionately higher than other businesses in the area.

The Value of Consumer Surveys

Customer satisfaction will increase if you incorporate customer surveys into your Google review approach. Furthermore, surveys are a useful tool for pinpointing areas for development, creating internal benchmarks, and doing pricing and product research to enhance the goods your business sells.

Net Promoter Rating

The most common kind of customer happiness metric is this one. A Net Promoter Score query yields scores that range from -100 to 100 and are easily comparable.

The score for customer effort

This kind of query gauges how simple it is for a customer to carry out an action, like making a purchase. Scores can be benchmarked and range from 1 to 7.

Text Evaluation

The system will automatically designate comments concerning high pricing as “price” if many consumers make them. Then, you quickly group your data according to these text tags.

Product Analysis

MaxDiff can assist you in determining which product features customers value most. When creating a new product, Van Westendorp can assist you in identifying a range of reasonable price points.

Relevant Advice

Your Google reviews cannot be downloaded from the Google business profile page. To access the data, an API would be required. However, third-party applications that track your ratings will have access to your Google Business workspace (with your consent).

Dealing with Poor Google Reviews

Be truthful and respond to unfavorable reviews as they appear. Customers who read the review will know that you are making an effort to improve if you openly acknowledge that the issue is being taken seriously. Your best bet should be to calmly point out when a consumer is being overly optimistic about a scenario. There are a few ways to get a review taken down, while there is no way to guarantee it can be done:

1) Report Reviews that Are Inappropriate

Reviews that include illegal or restricted content can be flagged. Go to the Google Business Home page, select Reviews on the left, locate the review, and select “Report review” in the upper right to mark these responses as inappropriate.

2) Request that the customer delete a review.

Contact the customer, let them know you’re trying to solve their problem and ask them to take the review down. It can resolve the misunderstanding and transform the consumer into a promoter using this strategy because it entails reaching out to the customer. If a problem is resolved correctly, the client may even turn a negative review around!

3) Legal Action

You can submit a formal legal request to Google if a review is unlawful (most frequently defamation). Click “Google maps and related products” from that link. The user forms will then walk you through providing the information required to complete the request. If you wish to rake an action across several comments, you must submit a new request for each.

Google Reviews FAQs

  1. What’s the difference between Net Promoter Score (NPS) and customer effort score?

    NPS measures overall satisfaction, while the effort score gauges how easy a service is for customers.

  2. Can QR codes help get more Google reviews?

    Yes, QR codes on receipts or business cards make it easy for customers to leave reviews.

  3. How can surveys help gather Google reviews?

    Surveys can include review links, making it convenient for customers to leave feedback.

  4. Can customers without Google accounts take part in surveys for reviews?

    Yes, surveys are a good option for those without Google accounts, ensuring their feedback is included.

How we can help?

We would be excited to assist you in managing every part of your Google reviews and customer satisfaction process by creating an automated approach to collecting reviews, monitoring your Google Business account, and working with Google when there are issues that arise.

We are ready to elevate your Google reviews and enhance customer satisfaction! Let Rohring Results take the lead in managing your Google Business account. Experience the power of automated review collection and expert issue resolution. Contact us today to start optimizing your online presence!

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