Tips On Getting More Engagements Through Facebook Posts

Brittany Rohr
Brittany Rohr

Founder and CEO

If you’re familiar with the way Facebook works, you know how important having high levels of engagement is for your business to get exposure. If you don’t, let us enlighten you 🙂

Facebook engagement is a result when someone interacts on your Facebook Page or with one of your posts. It could be activities such as likes, shares, comments, video views, and clicks!. Facebook engagement is important because it can help boost your organic reach. Your audience engagement helps boost your News Feed placement based on the Facebook algorithm, and that’s what makes your posts on top of your followers feed and ultimately gives you a larger reach!


Why Facebook Engagement Matters than Just Getting Likes/Follows? 

While the rest of your competitors are focusing on getting the number of likes or followers, you should be focusing on inviting engagement. As your audience grows, you gain more credibility. However, Social Media Engagement offers more social proof of your business.  

What should you be focusing on?  

Getting a huge number of followers sounds good as it increases your brand credibility and fame. However, what I think you should be prioritizing is to build an engaged community of advocates who genuinely love your brand and content rather than getting a large audience that interacts occasionally. They will lead to a higher conversion rate to purchases and future referrals.

People who are engaged in your posts daily or regularly are the people who are more likely to buy, share, and talk about your products and services. Engagement rate provides a more accurate idea of what is happening on your marketing efforts on Facebook or any social media platform.

Here Are Some Facebook Post Ideas That Generate High Engagement: 

  • Run a Facebook competition or exclusive promo.
  • Post a video or Go Live.
  • Invite your fans to post a picture on your wall.
  • Run a Facebook poll about your current products, events, and ask them to vote for the one they like best.
  • Thank your customers and followers by tagging or mentioning them in your posts to recognize the importance of your customers and followers.
  • Share content that speaks to strong emotions or opinions but avoids sensitive issues like politics and religion. 
  • Post a funny or interesting picture and ask for comments, captions or ‘likes’.
  • Did you just receive a great review or customer testimonial? Post a status and shout about it on your Facebook page and let your other fans know!
  • Comment on something topical and find out what others think.
  • Post about your latest products or services.


Have you wondered why you are getting a low engagement rate on your Facebook posts? Here are some of the major reasons why:

  • You Might Not Post Often Enough: More posting means more opportunities for engagement. If you don’t post regularly, people don’t have the means to engage as often. So when you don’t have a source to engage with your followers or the people, your engagement rate decreases.
  • You Are not Posting The Right Time: Find out for yourself when is the best time to post your content – Test, Learn and Adapt.
  • You’re Not including Calls to Actions: Posts on Facebook which include calls to actions such as “Tag a friend who loves cats” or “Contact us for a free consultation” tend to attract more social engagement. CTAs should be simple, understandable, not too PUSHY, and easy for your Facebook audience to execute. 


What’s the best time and day to post on Facebook to boost your engagement?

Posting times depends on your audience, your industry, your products, and what you post. However, once you unlock and learn the best time to post on Facebook, it can massively help your business stand out and reach more of your audience.

Take a look at Sprout Social’s latest study about the Best Times To Post On Facebook to boost your engagement. Read the full article here: http://rcl.ink/36g 


Where to find the Insights to find your best time to post and engagement rate on Facebook?

To learn more about the Best Time to Post and Best Post Types, Go to You Facebook Page Insights and click “Posts” from the side menu of your Insights dashboard.

To check your engagement on Facebook:




Finally, here are some tips to boost your engagement on Facebook:

  • Use engaging images and videos
  • Experiment with your posting time habits
  • Whether it’s positive or negative: Reply on comments and reviews publicly and privately
  • If your goal is to drive your engagement, you should focus on it first.
  • No to Engagement Baiting! Otherwise, Facebook will limit your exposure. Check full article about it here: http://rcl.ink/36x  ( Facebook Newsroom )
  • Boost your top posts: If you have a budget for ads, try boosting your top-performing posts to expanding its reach and increase your post’s engagement.
  • Encourage your employees and colleagues to engage with your business posts regularly. By getting your the people behind your business to share your content, you’ll get your content seen by a much wider audience and assist in a larger reach which leads to more engagement.

As always with marketing test, analyze and adapt to create more engagement and watch your exposure increase and in the end, build to more conversions! Remember this is a long game, so don’t expect results after 1 or 2 changes 🙂

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