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Business consulting to keep you ahead of the game!

Business consulting to keep you ahead of the game!

Rohring Results can accelerate your business into a scalable & successful story

Reverse Engineering Consulting

Business Model / Structure Consulting

Marketing Plans & Strategy Consulting

Transaction / Growth Channel Consulting

Pricing Strategy Consulting

Do You Know What Your Client Flow Is? From Lead Generation To Sale To Referral? There Are Many Components And Tools To Build A Good User Experience. Make Sure Your Client's Are Getting Your Best!

Create A Comprehensive Business Plan With Rohring Results

Are You In The Right Growth Channel To Gain Maximum Market Traction For Your Marketing Budget? Don't Think, Know Your Numbers! Once You know Your Numbers, You Can Improve Them!

Business Model & Organizational Structure Consulting

How does your business acquire new clients and deliver on your offerings?

We dive deep into your processes, systems, flows and the layout your company to find opportunities for improvement. The solutions are customized and determined by priorities, technology, industry, competition, budget, timeline, company’s growth needs and resources. We have helped clients in the e-commerce, content, retail, MLM, cannabis, bitcoin, smart city, legal, accounting, public speaking, consulting, coaching, manufacturing, home services, and other B2B companies. We can show you how to make small changes to capitalize on the industry and accelerate your growth.

Does Your Business Have An Exist Strategy? Is It Succession Or Sale? Maybe It's A Revenue Goal...Always Be Sure To Know Where You Want To End Up, Or You Will Never Get There!

Pricing Strategy Consulting

How is your company priced? Is it higher than the competition? Is it competitive?

There are so many options when it comes to choosing how to price your offerings that people tend to go too high or low to try and stand out! This could make or break your business because there are many factors to take into consideration before deciding on a profit margin like your unique value proposition, distribution channels, marketing plan and funnels, quality, overhead and cost to produce, client flows, your target audiences and even down to your personality! With all these variables, the decision can be confusing, so we sit down with you and do a 2 hour discovery session with our team. Then we all research and brainstorm the best options for you and present them for you to make your final decision! It’s that easy.

The Jungle Is Thick!
Change Your thinking to An Aerial View Instead Of An Inside Your Business.
Stay Ahead By Seeing What The Industry Is Missing!

Traction/Growth Channel Consulting

Where should you allocate your valuable resources to maximize your sales traction?

We streamline your marketing efforts by analyzing the twenty sales traction channels to determine a few options that will produce the most efficient results and highest ROI. We focus on marketing strategies that will funnel into conversions of loyal clients for your products or services. These campaigns are A|B tested and adjusted to create proven results. They are specifically designed utilizing technology, marketing strategies and unique ideas to bring your business predictable and sustainable growth to accelerate your business with Rohring Results!

Your Business Foundation Is The Most Important Aspect Of Your Plan! Make Sure To Build A Business And Not A Job For Yourself. Entrepreneurship Is Stressful Enough...We Do It For Freedom!

Marketing Plans & Strategy Consulting

What differentiates your marketing from the competition?

Through multiple discovery sessions, we provide a roadmap to focus your efforts and maximize returns. Following a comprehensive strategy is the key to growing revenues and adapting to the ever changing markets. We recommend this as a quarterly consulting session, so you can stay ahead of your competition and seize the coming quarter. These plans consist of a competitor analysis and workshops in unique value proposition, traction channels, and client flow, and processes to see where you have opportunity for improvement. Rohring Results also offers implementation proposals and affordable technologies to help automate these strategies so you can focus on scaling your business doing what you love!

Is Your Business Growth Predictable And Sustainable? If Not, Check Out Your Cost Per Acquisition And Client Flow- You Will Find The Beginning Of Your Journey To The Solution There!

Reverse Engineering Business Goals

Do you know where you want your business to be in 1 year…5 years…15 years?

In order to reach any goal, there has to first be the big vision. Once you have the vision set, milestones can be set that are SMART (Specific.Measurable.Achievable. Relevant.Time-Based) to help you to see the short and long term pieces. We help you to see the big picture and develop a plan to make it achievable! Anything is possible with the right plan. Your business foundation is the most important and knowing your numbers is vital to success.

This is typically a 5 hour workshop broken up over 2 days and at the end you will have a roadmap to follow for implementation and a proposal if you would like Rohring Results to assist you in any capacity. We can do as much or as little as you would like, our goal is for you to be happy and successful!

Is Time Your Problem? Your Solution Is Business Systems, Processes, And Automation! Having The Correct Flows Will Allow You To Always Improve And See Issues Before They Effect Your Bottom Line!

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