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How does SEO work with social media and PPC_

How does SEO work with social media and PPC?

Social Media and SEO Explained Social media accounts and their metrics of success aren’t direct factors in Google’s search rankings. So, just because you have 50,000 followers doesn’t mean your page will rank in a particular SERP (search engine results page). However, they do help the indirect effect of your digital marketing strategy! Example: Someone finds …

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What is SEO?

What is SEO?

Any brief exploration into ways to find success online is bound to put you in touch with the term “search engine optimization.” Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the key ways that a business or individual can tune their efforts to get more visibility on the internet and bring success to their project.

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Marketing for Results- Stop Outspending Your Competitors, Out Smart Them!

Marketing is all about building your brand awareness so your ideal consumer knows who you are, what solutions you offer and how to contact you. Doing this affordably and getting results is the sweet spot that many business owners strive for but never get because they are too busy outspending their competition in the same channels and often the same strategy.

7 Social Media Questions Every B2B Marketer Must Ask

Despite the importance of a smart social presence, there are plenty of B2B companies who simply can’t seem to get a foothold in establishing a strategy that’s lasting and effective. Many lack the time or resources to see real traction. Others find they are stuck in an approach that yields little return — and are therefore not motivated to invest any additional effort.

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