Build Your Business, Not A Job In 2021

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Brittany Rohr
Brittany Rohr

Founder and CEO

In life, anything can happen.

I’m going to get a little personal here to give you a very real-life lesson that I learned the hard way and would never want anyone else to experience. So please read this, and make the adjustments in your business so more positive can result from my experiences?

Brittany’s History

As most of you know I used to be a professional aerial acrobat. I did competitions (winning FL, national finalist, and international showcase), opened a local studio teaching others the sport, was a business marketing student at USF, and working full time to support the studio until it could support itself. Busy is not saying enough…lol

Everything was going well. My time was my main asset and I was leveraging it to the max potential! Then one day I woke up with a terrible debilitating migraine. I had never had migraines before and had no idea what was wrong. The hospital said it was just a tension headache so home I went and waited for it to get better.

Days, weeks and then months went by…. I still had the migraine! Eating, sleeping, school, work, teaching….it all became too difficult and I had to stop and get answers. So, an MRI was done, and they found that my body dissected my left vertebral artery in my neck and so I had limited blood flow to my brain! Well, now everything makes more sense!

Everything in life suffered. My business, my schooling, work all came to a complete halt. And then I remembered all the books that I had read and realized that I didn’t set up my business with a foundation for success. When you are the main asset, you can’t have issues, or everything else suffers.

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Build your business, not a job.

This means building a foundation with processes and systems that you can easily insert other people into place when you can’t or don’t want to do the job. If you are the main asset, you can’t be replaced. If you can’t be replaced in your own company, then your foundation isn’t strong enough yet. You are still an employee and not a business owner. Sometimes people think they are irreplaceable, and sometimes they are correct…however, in most circumstances there are enough pieces that can be done to limit your need to be in the exact position. Here are some examples!

Here are some examples of how you can outsource yourself even in industries where you don’t think you can ?

  1. Speakers & Consultants
    • Create certifications for others to teach what you do kind of like a franchise
    • Create online lessons that are evergreen
    • Create events where others are the main event
  2. Medical Professionals- Build a practice!
  3. Home Services- Build a better system and outsource yourself when you are able!
  4. Real Estate-
    • Create/Join a team where you can rely on others to take on your referrals/leads if you can’t.
    • Build solid relationships over the quick sale. Those relationships will pay off even if/when you aren’t able to work.
  5. Content Creators-
    • Get sponsors, advertisers, affiliate programs, and other partnered creators to build a residual income source!

We’ve all heard or read this somewhere at some point. Time to take action!

It isn’t rocket science and everyone knows what the concept is…but yet every day I run into people who create a business with the purpose of freedom but are also the main asset. So, here are a few steps to challenge yourself and see how ready your business is for self-sustaining growth no matter what your life brings you!

  1. Are your processes standardized for new customers? Do they all get the same experience no matter what they purchase? If not, you can develop these by mind mapping the client flow for each offering. Where does the client come from? How does the client purchase? What happens after the purchase? Is there onboarding? Is there a follow-up after a few weeks of use? Think about the full client cycle?
  2. If an employee quits tomorrow, can you hire someone immediately without damaging the client experience? Training and the job description should be well documented and easy to hire someone quickly. We like to use process.st. They offer a low-cost solution to help automate these processes and our client implementation systems.
  3. Have you considered automation where it improves the client experience and lowers your overall cost? There are many systems out there that can help with this! IFTTT.com is a great and free tool that can help with life and business.
  4. Is there pieces to your business where it makes more sense to outsource to another company? Save your time and resources by hiring someone who already has the systems and ability to handle certain functions. Examples might be accounting, social media marketing, SEO, website design, reputation management, and payroll. The time it takes and/or software needed to do it right outweighs the time/cost to do it yourself or have one of your employees “try to learn” it.

I hope you enjoyed this article that gives you a little more insight into my background, driving forces and how Rohring Results aims to help others.

If you have any questions about any of these examples, ideas, or overall concepts please reach out! This is a lesson that is very important to me personally and is why I created Rohring Results. We offer solutions for business owners so they can create better systems, processes, marketing, and build a foundation so they can leverage their unique value and not just create a job.

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