Audit Your Current Marketing Company

There are a lot of agencies that say they do marketing.... unfortunately a lot of them are lying about what they are actually doing for you.

We have listed the top Red Flags to look for in making sure your business is safe and getting what you are paying for.

Red flags to look out for


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

1. Know the keywords you are paying for. Go to a Google Incognito window and type them in. Make sure you are ranking where they have promised- Either Ads, Maps, or Organic listings. These 3 are all different.

2. These keywords should not be super long phrases.


SEM (Paid Search Engine Ads)

1. Keep track of your cost per click

2. Ask to see your keywords and negative keywords. Negative keywords are things that will optimize your ROI and keep the ads micro targeted. They should have performed lots of research at this point, so they should be able to explain why they chose both the keywords/negative keywords and also should be adjusting these daily.


Websites & Domains

1. Make sure you OWN the site. You should have admin access to the backend, domain in your name, and pay with your credit card and you should have the site backed up on a secondary cloud like Google Drive or Dropbox in case the relationship becomes bad.

2. Don't pay for fake traffic. Use analytics to see where your traffic is coming from- that's how you optimize your campaigns.


Facebook & other Social Platforms

1. Just posting articles is not going to move the needle. Posts should have a strategic value, otherwise, it is a waste. All you are getting is activity.

2. To entice the algorithm to work with you, 20 posts a month would be a minimum.

3. You also want to have a little ad spend on the social platforms in order to get any traction. They are all "pay to play" platforms now.

This page was created because we have had a lot of clients come to us in “ransom” situations and we have had to rescue them and sometimes rebuild what they had quickly so it didn’t affect their business. In some extreme cases even we can’t remedy the situation and all of their data is lost…It’s very important to OWN your site, domain and have admin access to the backend.
We hope this helps to clarify the ways that some marketing companies are taking advantage of business owners. Feel free to reach out to us anytime and we will do a complimentary and confidential audit. Whether it’s giving you suggestions for your marketing plan with your current company or strategizing a marketing plan that can accelerate your growth, we are here to help with no obligations or guilt trip 🙂 We truly want to help end the scams and see everyone succeed. 
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