Affordable Social Media Marketing Packages For Small Businesses

Are you tired of paying hundreds or thousands of dollars for social media management? We heard you, and we have an affordable solution for you starting at $297/month! 😉


Guarantees With our social media marketing Packages

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No contracts! No commitment!
Designed For Minimal Time Commitment From You Or Your Team So You Can Focus On What Matters!
Full Initial Month Money-Back Guarantee – No Risk To Try Us!
Daily Customized Content Blueprint With Options For A DIY Solution, Or For Us To Do It All For You!
How to Boost Your Social Media Presence

Build your brand awareness on all the major social media platforms!

Our easy to do program is as hands-on or hands-off as you’d like, where we provide customized services for your social media campaigns. We help you build your brand awareness on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn! Soon, we will be adding additional options like Google Optimization using Google My Business, getting your business listed on all the 80+ platforms, and even Pinterest!

Our system utilizes our social media experts to develop strategic content for each industry so your content always has a goal and is optimized to get you results and maximize your social media presence for the most affordable social media marketing package on the market. Because we are so confident, we have added the money-back guarantee for the first month. We build relationships through results and trust.

Affordable Social Media Marketing Packages Available For These Industry Categories

Inspirational Consultants

Financial Consultants

Wellness Consultants

Real Estate Propessionals

Lawn Care Services

Cleaning Servicesa

Pest Control Services

HVAC Services

Plumbing Services

Pool Services


Life Coaches

Hair Dresser

Medical Spas

Massage Therapists

Make-up Artists

What's Included In Our Affordable Social Media Marketing Packages!

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affordable social media marketing
135+ New Graphics Every Month!

You choose up to 60 Posts for Instagram, Facebook & Social Stories – Then we customize them with your branding!

Easy To Do Post Captions

We provide the strategy instructions behind each graphic and customize with your branding! You just download and schedule. Or have us do it for you!

affordable social media marketing
60+ New Industry Related Articles

Ideas and strategies utilizing articles for Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn so you can be seen and heard on all the major platforms!

Optional Easy Education

Always adding new step-by-step instructions showing you how to use the platform's features and optimize them for your business!

social media marketing strategy
Campaigns & Growth Ideas

New ideas on driving engagement, followers, sales, and campaigns provided monthly!

Monthly & Weekly Success Checklists

Monthly & weekly checklists will be updated to take away the thought process and make social media success simple!

What To Expect

Imagine your branding, personal photos, and messaging… All done for you each month! You can also check out the 15 Social Media Management Tools for 2020.

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Sneak Peek

A User-Friendly System That Lays Everything Out. Social Media Strategies For You In A Blueprint… Or We Can Do It All!

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How Do You Get Started?

Side Note: Refer 3 & Yours Is Free! This Is For A Limited Time Only!

Step 1
Sign Up Online

Subscribe to our Simplified Social Marketing Packages for $197/month. There are no long-term agreements or commitments. We provide your social media blueprint and materials; all you have to do is tell us the custom changes and schedule them all with a money-back guarantee!

Step 2
Welcome Email

Next, you will receive an email with login info within 24 hours with your personalized dashboard all set up. Inside is an explainer video to show you how to utilize the system for your time constraints and business goals! If you get confused, there is also a messenger.

Step 3
Brand Discovery

There is a form that you need everyone to fill out once. This gives us your branding information so we can customize your content just the way you want and continue to develop strategies/content that will help you reach your goals! We are always improving and listening!


Step 4
Choose Your Content, Download & Schedule!​

We customize 60 graphics with your colors, company information, personal images (or keep the stock photos if you want), and make wording changes for you within 72 business hours. You download and schedule... That's it! All the guesswork is gone!


What Is Social Media Marketing And Why Should I Invest My Time And Resources In It?

Social media marketing can be described as applications or websites created and designed to allow anybody to share content in real-time with their selected network.

Basically, it’s a platform with the ability to share photos and videos, post your opinion, talk about events, write content, or share other people’s content all within a communication tool. The ability to do this has truly changed the way we live and do business.

What has helped social media grow into the monster it is today?

Well, the fact is that anybody, and I mean anybody, can sign up for a social media account on just about any platform (usually, all you’ll need is an email address that you have access to). That, coupled with the fact that social media has much fewer limitations on the content that we share, as opposed to mainstream media.

Imagine giving anybody the power to share their opinion on anything without fear?

This is why social media is as important to us as caffeine is to a coffee addict.

How can we make such a bold statement, you may ask? Well, 4.14 billion social media users globally can’t be wrong, can they? And where there are 4.14 billion people communicating and engaging, your business should be visible, helping to build that community and lead your industry. This is why Rohring Results created social media marketing packages that are both affordable and effective!

How Do I Tie Your Social Media Marketing Packages Into My Entire Digital Marketing Strategy?

Your social media marketing strategy should be part and parcel of your entire digital marketing strategy. Our affordable social media marketing packages provide content and consistency to your plan. So, what’s the difference between social media versus digital marketing? It is important to understand that social media marketing is part of digital marketing. Social media marketing is directly tied to online social platforms, whereas digital marketing can encompass many other efforts such as text messaging, email marketing, online banner advertising, and many other forms of digital advertising.

You need to ensure that your social media marketing ties into your digital marketing strategy as a whole. Your brand messaging, personality and design needs to be consistent across these channels. How you talk to your audience in an email marketing campaign shouldn’t be all that different from how you talk to them on LinkedIn or Facebook. Also, your brand should be easily identifiable no matter where your audience is viewing it. Some businesses just utilize our Affordable Social Media Marketing Packages at the beginning, and as they grow they expand into other channels of the digital marketing world. You can always grow your marketing; it’s not usually a good idea to scale back.

Affordable Social Media Ideas For Your Business

Everyone wants to grow their business these days. You’ll need an effective social media strategy to expedite your brand’s exposure. Social media is an effective way to get your name out there and connect with your target audience on a platform they already spend so much of their time in. But some people may be hesitant to take the plunge because they’re not sure they can afford it. We’re here to help! Here are a few affordable social media ideas for your business.

  • Create a Facebook group that is relevant to your ideal customer. Don’t try to sell to everyone in the group; rather, use it to keep dripping your brand in their lives and becoming an authority figure in their world so when they need you, you are top of mind.

  • Share other pages on your page. By giving them a shout-out, you are helping their exposure. They are more likely to want to share you and your info on their pages, too! Everyone wins!

  • Have your page join other groups and interact with the members and posts. Your brand will be seen more often, Facebook will love that you are engaging in a way that they approve, and you will build a name in the community.

  • Get reviews. Always ask your customers to leave you a review. It is more important now than ever to build up this digital credibility. In the future, it will become even more vital to your success, so start now.

  • Use Facebook and Instagram Stories! They are automatically boosted in the algorithm and will help you gain reach, which will increase impressions that will in turn drive engagements. Use the platform the way they want you to and they will boost your exposure organically.

Why Is Social media an Important Part of Any Business?

Having an active presence on social media is important for any business, as it allows you to share relevant and engaging content with your customers. Plus, it allows you to give current and potential customers an insider look at what your brand is and how you operate.

Then it's easy.
Just follow our easy to do checklist every month!

Your Life Simplified Starting At $197/Month With A Full Money-Back Guarantee And No Contracts. Our Goal Is To Provide You An Easy And Transparent Solution. Got Ideas? We’ll Listen!

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