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Traction Channels

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Website Design

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Rohring Results optimizes and automates your client targeting, brand strategy, sales funnel, business processes, and website conversion rates!

Components Of A Working
Marketing Funnel

Components Of A Working
Marketing Funnel

Our Sales Funnel Packages

All Packages Below Include Brand Awareness, A|B Tested & Optimized Digital Advertising, Conversion Designed Website, Chatbot, & A Customer Review System(s) To Build Your Business While Nurturing Current Clients!

Getting Started

An Affordable Option With Results
$ 1,250 Monthly
  • Up To 2 Social Platforms- 30 Posts Monthly Across All Platforms
  • 5 Stories + 10 Group Posts Or Additional Posts
  • Drip Facebook Chatbot Created & Adjusted Monthly
  • 2 Ads- Created, Managed, Analyzed, A|B Tested & Optimized ($250 Ad Spend Included)
  • 3 Hours Of Consulting For Continuous Improved ROI
  • Conversion Website Package
  • 1 Feedback System (Review, Referral, Engagement, Feedback & Reputation Management)

Optimize Your Funnel

Omni Chanel Marketing
$ 1,950 Monthly
  • Up To 3 Social Platforms- 60 Posts Monthly Across All Platforms
  • 15 Stories + 15 Group Posts Or Additional Posts
  • Drip & Funnel Facebook Chatbot Created & Adjusted Monthly
  • 4 Ads- Created, Managed, Analyzed, A|B Tested & Optimized ($500 Ad Spend Included)
  • 3 Hours Of Consulting For Continuous Improved ROI
  • Conversion Website Package
  • 2 Feedback Systems (Review, Referral, Engagement, Feedback & Reputation Management)

Expedited Results

Exceed Your Expectations
$ 2,450 Monthly
  • Up To 4 Social Platforms- 80 Posts Monthly Across All Platforms
  • 20 Stories + 20 Group Posts Or Additional Posts
  • Drip & Funnel Facebook Chatbot Created & Adjusted As Needed
  • 8 Ads- Created, Managed, Analyzed, A|B Tested & Optimized ($500 Ad Spend Included)
  • 5 Hours Of Consulting For Continuous Improved ROI
  • Premium Website Package
  • 6 Feedback Systems (Review, Referral, Engagement, Feedback & Reputation Management)

What Businesses Are Saying...

  • positive review  Every interaction with Brittany is an opportunity to take notes and then execute in the ideas that will evolve your business. Get her input!

    thumb Laura Lynch

    positive review  Brittany is passionate about helping business owners succeed! I truly appreciated her generosity. Her spark will help us ignite our marketing plan for BlueSRQ Real Estate. Look forward to working with Rohring results in the future.

    thumb Anne Friedland

    positive review  I love working with Brittany! She’s a fire cracker and is so knowledgeable with any type of marketing! She’s fantastic! Medical Professionals of SW Florida is honored to have her on our winning team!

    thumb Avery Holder
  • 5 star review  I have worked with Brittany on a lot of projects and clients. She not only has the awesome ideas every business needs, she also has the know-how to make that idea a reality.She is at the top of my go-to list when it comes to social media and original ideas for my clients.

    thumb Robb Selander

    positive review  I truly appreciate Rohring Results insights and guidance in how to maximize my business through intelligent marketing and proper systems to automatize my funnels and clients relationships.

    thumb Lucia Gabriela

    5 star review  Brittany is brilliant and amazing. If you have not attended a Monday Mastermind, you need to do so. Great connections, priceless information.

    thumb Marc Simms
  • positive review  I have known the owner for about a decade now. She is, by far one of the most dedicated, focused people I know. She will find the best way to get your business message out.

    thumb Earle Kimel

    positive review  Very Informative has great ideas for my business a true professional in her field.

    thumb Karen Rehn

    5 star review  Brittany is a great quick-witted resource! She is very knowledgeable, and talented at uncovering business solutions.

    thumb Karissa Souza
  • positive review  Brittany Rohr is an awesome marketer and extraordinarily creative. Her leadership in mastermind is inspiring.

    thumb Todd Loid

    positive review  Brittany is a plethora of information I so enjoyed the mastermind meeting and she does it from her heart ♥️ If you want to learn from the best like her page and follow her!

    thumb Joy Young

    positive review  I have known the owner of Rohring Results for two years now. She is a trusted adviser and one of my first choice when it comes to Social media marketing. Recently she has advised my company on an ad campaign one of the first that we have ever done on Facebook. Though the ad had generated more likes and interest in the business services we provide it didn't hit our goals. After sharing my concerns with Britney and Rohring Results we redid the ad with the suggested changes. Success soon followed within three days we had picked up three new clients! Thank you for your advice and guidance

    thumb Andrick Wesley
  • 5 star review  There are many aspects and technicalities to business growth that easily get overlooked. Brittany's knowledge of business growth goes deeper than the average business owner. With her expertise, Brittany can help you dive deeper into the marketing details you didn't even know existed helping you accelerate your business and understanding of how to do it. By attending her Monday Mastermind and social media class I was able to increase my knowledge on facebook marketing, get ideas for new content and learn how to engage with and truly reach my audience.

    thumb Miranda Schlake

    5 star review  Great and Informative. You can feel her passion for marketing!

    thumb Sommer Rusche

    5 star review  You have helped my business grow extremely well. I have learned so much from you on all aspects of a business. Thank you for all the amazing help.

    thumb Keith Kramer
  • positive review  Brittany is absolutely amazing!! If you’re looking for a true professional, that gets you real results, look no further!

    thumb Dan Kelleher

    positive review  I like the material she presents at her mastermind meetings. She shares lots of useful information.

    thumb Michael Mizell

    5 star review  She's The Consultant's consultant! Brilliant, outside-of-the-box thinking.

    thumb Dolo Bazzle
  • 5 star review  Brittany is truly amazing at what she does! I am an entrepreneur and I must say that I have never met a consultant who has given such insight and organized direction as Brittany did! She is extremely proficient at seeing the big picture, along with all possibilities or conflicts before zeroing in and breaking things down into simple measurable daily goals. I highly recommend Roaring results!

    thumb Jonathan William Simos

    5 star review  Amazing brainstorming great good advice for your business

    thumb Jeff Sassano

    positive review  Brittany is dynamic and down to earth. Brittany possesses a wealth of marketing knowledge. Brittany sincerely wants success for her clients. Brittany puts her clients first. Brittany takes time to hear your specific needs and addresses them completely encouraging client independence when appropriate which clearly demonstrates her desire for her clients to succeed no matter what above her own needs. We are so Blessed to have found her. I personally have gleaned so much real time helpful recommendations in a one hour meeting with Brittany. She’s THE ONE!

    thumb Karen Howard

Our Story

Who Is Rohring Results?

No Two Tigers Have The Same Roar!

Brittany Rohr, Founder of Rohring Results is a visionary business catalyst who was born and raised in the Sarasota and Manatee area. Moving to Vegas for Cirque Du Soleil was a turning point which brought her into a city with technology and an influx of business owners from all over the country! This is when she discovered her knack for business consulting. Working with start up technology companies and managing logistics, IT, marketing, sales and business development, she earned her stripes with other larger technology-based companies! After a few more years, she turned her focus on building the Las Vegas small business community and consulted for over 250 businesses in industries like: e-commerce, non-profits, real estate, accounting, legal, medical, entertainment, animal supplements, smart cities, business services, cannabis, bitcoin and even MLM’s! Growing out her teams of experts has been vital to her success to implement the consulting ideas into reality!

Her clients describe her talent as “adding rocket fuel” to their business model by showing them a bigger idea and exploding their social media marketing results. She also helps businesses find the best business model and marketing strategy, so they can be more efficient with their budgets! Brittany has an extraordinary ability for scaling businesses into major brands and accelerating their growth in a sustainable manner.

What sets Brittany apart in her field is the rare combination of a strategic, analytical mindset that is balanced with her genuine love for helping people. Not only does she understand so many of the leading-edge technology options and platforms for doing business in today’s world, she is fluid in the art of collaboration and traction channels!

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